Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Haul for 2012

Hi everyone!

2012 is almost over and the world hasn't ended yet! Yayyy! Haha! :P
Are you preparing for your Medya Noche this coming New Year's eve?

Anyway, I'll be sharing with you some items I bought after Christmas.
These are probably my last purchases for the year (hopefully, haha).

Laneige Snow BB Cream

Hair rubber bands

Suejin The Beauty Balm Water Gloss BB Cream
It's my first time seeing this brand and was curious to try it out. It's only Php150 so I bought it right away.

I also shopped at Saizen! Haha!

Quite disappointed with this one... It smells like Safeguard soaps. Haha. :P

Glittery Loose Powder
Planning to do a creative makeup look with this thing.

False Lashes
I love the effect of this lashes on my eyes.

Design Knife
It's for my art stuff.

A simple black belt.

and a cap (forgot what this one is called).
I've always wanted to wear one but it's kind of weird to wear one in casual days so a cheap one will do since I wouldn't be wearing it regularly.

I also went shopping at SM Departments stores during their Year End Sale.

The shoes and the bag are all discounted! 

Vanilla & Co. Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic
Be Organic Triple Rice Soap

And I'd also like to share this treat I enjoyed eating yesterday,
Koori Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream.
I also like their Mochi Ice Creams as well! Yum yum! :)

That's all folks! 
2012 was a nice year for my beauty cravings. I got to try so many new products and also finished up quite a number of products I owned. It just feels so good to finally empty a product, especially lipsticks and blushes! Haha!

Thank you 2012, and see you soon, 2013!



  1. Oh my gosh! Laneige BB cream! I really want to try their solid bb cream! I must invest more in their stuff next year! I also love that pair of eye lashes, I used that same one last year for my new years looks! Hope you and your sis have a great new years! :)

  2. Laneige BB cream is such a beauty! Been eyeing that product :) Cant wait for the review!

    Happy new year Peachy Pink sisters!
    The Misty Mom

  3. Happy New Year Dawn :D I'm torn between Laneige Snow BB and the Soothing Cushion. Love the photo of you wearing the cap~refreshing!!!

  4. Sharlynn - Thanks. I'd like to try more lineage products too but I would need to save more money for that. Haha!

    Sharina - Will review soon! Happy new year to you as well! :D

    Kath - Thanks! Liz loves the soothing cushion one. It has higher SPF too. Will see if this one can deliver greatness like the one Liz just reviewed. :)