Friday, August 31, 2012

NOTD : Leopard Print Blue Tips

Hey everyone!

It's the weekend again!
Time to pamper ourselves from all the stress school or work gives us!
Why not prettify your nails like I did a few days ago?


I was in the mood to paint my nails while watching some youtube vids. :P

I planned on doing  a gradient look because I wanted to put to use some of my old makeup sponges.

And of course I wanted to practice drawing with my left hand! Haha!
I have this mission in life to be somewhat ambidextrous! Hahaha! :p

See! That's my left hand's nails! 
I'm so proud it turned up well. I'm so proud of myself. LOL

Here are the nail polishes I used in this NOTD.

I applied Pearl Pink first and one coat of Princess.

Then from middle to top, I applied Dare using the makeup sponge and afterwards put Blue Splash on the tips.

Using gold and black acrylic paints, I drew the leopard prints on the blue areas.

Then to finish the look, I added Jocarste 642 on top for the glittery look!

Hope you like this NOTD!

It's quite easy to do if you have the patience and steady hands.



  1. Cute! Good job on the leopard print :D

  2. Beautiful! I am really tempted to do my nails soon... I missed painting my nails for hours!!! =D

  3. Ganda sis! Mabuti pa kayo magaganda ang shape ng nails :D

  4. ang cute naman!
    your nails look sooooooo fun!

  5. Thanks girls! Really glad you find this NOTD cute. Makes me want to do more design! ♥

  6. Galing, Dawn! I haven't done nail art in awhile because I'm too busy and tamad. Hahaha! Inggit ako! xD

  7. Gellie - Next time gawa ka din so para bang we can exchange ideas and inspire to make more nail art! :P