Thursday, August 02, 2012

Review : 4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eye Liner Pen

 Hello, makeup lovers!
 I've been using a lot of gel liners lately that I started missing using liquid liners, particularly liner pens. They are just so easy to use - just shake, take off cap, and apply! Less hassle than using a gel liner.
So as I was strolling around Watsons SM San Lazaro checking out what's new in the market, I saw this liquid eye liner pen from 4U2. I only have a handful of 4U2 products so I thought, why not try more, right? 

 The pen costs Php314.00

 The packaging is really nice. I really like it! Very youthful and edgy yet still has the glam side to it.

 I got it in Jet Black.
Here are some info of the product from the box:

What really convinced me to buy it is that the brush is really thin. Great for creating really fine lines.

 See what I mean?

Anyway, here's a swatch on the side of my hand:

 I tried smudging it and here's what happened:

 Then I poured water on it...

 So much for their claim of it being water resistant. :/
Here's the product applied:

I only lined the product once on the pictures. But you can make it darker by reapplying it.

I didn't get any irritation. I usually get those when I use liquid liners but this one didn't cause me any of that.

 I actually like the finish but I prefer it to be more matte. It's still a bit shiny for my taste.
I used it when I went to a job interview. I was in a car and the office was fully air conditioned so when I got back home, the liner was still there and is clean - no smudges at all. But the next day during another interview, I had to commute going home. It was raining and I didn't have time to look at myself in the mirror so when I got back home, my eyeliner was all over my eyes! It smudged on the lids and below my eyes. It was a disaster. I can just imagine myself in a jeepney looking like a panda. :(

I guess it's not ideal for the weather lately, huh?
I'm quite disappointed with the product because of what happened a few days ago. I bet it wouldn't be good on people with oily lids too.

♥ Easy to use
♥ Buildable
♥ Dries fast when applied
♥ Quite affordable
♥ Locally available
♥ Love the packaging
♥ No irritation

♥ Not really water resistant
♥ Not fit for oily lids

That's all for this product. Will I buy again? Sadly, no. I like my liners waterproof! I don't mind the hard labor to remove it. I just hate having my liners smudging on my face.
I guess I'll use this for some quick makeover or photoshoots only. For everyday use, I'll stick with my tried and tested ones!



  1. There's nothing more disappointing than liner which disappears/fades easily...

    Have you tried topping the liner with black eyeshadow to make it more matte and at the same time, to make it hopefully last longer? Of course it'll be difficult to do that with a cat eye flick...

  2. Ari - I have oily lids so if I top it with an eyeshadow, the shadow would probably smudge my entire lids as well. I'd rather use my gel liner. Haha! But thanks for the suggestion, dear! ♥