Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Yabu Experience and a Saizen Haul

 Hello guys!

Was out again on another sibling date with my favorite brother at Robinsons Magnolia!! We just like going there because there are only a few people in it and it looks so clean and bright! :P

We wanted to try out Yabu since we've heard so many good reviews about it from friends and blogs. We actually planned on eating there 2 days ago but there were so many people who wanted to dine there. And today we were like, if there are still too many people, we will WAIT no matter how long it takes. We only waited for around 20 minutes and while waiting, we shopped at Saizen which I will share the stuff we bought later at this post.

 We love the interior of the place but we weren't able to eat inside. Our table was situated outside the restaurant which we don't really mind since it is still inside the mall.

We had a hard time choosing our order. You see, my bro and I LOVE Katsu. It's our favorite Japanese food when we want to fill our stomachs. My bro ordered before I did since I was still in-line at the Saizen Cashier.

 So when I got to our table, my bro already ordered some appetizers. I'm not aware of what this one is called but it's like a seaweed salad and potato salad. I super love the presentation of the food and the wooden container. My bro likes the salads very much.

 Bottomless drinks for us too! The Iced Tea is superb!

 My order came some minutes before my bro's came even though he had placed his order way before I did. It took a while for his food to get to our table so they gave us another set of the appetizer we ordered which was given to us for free. How sweetttttt! ♥

Anyway, on to our main meal!
I ordered a Ruso Kurobuta Curry!

This is suuuuuper delish! I swear! I can't really explain every detail of it and I'm no food blogger so I don't know how and what to start but all I can say is WOW! 

 My bro got the Tonkatsu Kurobota

We just ate our hearts out. The unlimited cabbage salad, rice and bottomless drinks were abused by our hungry stomachs. We intentionally didn't eat breakfast and lunch for that meal. Har har! :D

and I just have to include this in this post!
Their salt holder is beyond cuteness!!!

This morning, I saw in Yabu's Facebook Page that they were serving free ice cream in their soft opening so yayyy! 
 We just enjoyed eating that we already got our ice creams at half before I remembered to take a shot of them. Haha! :P

The food is beyond amazing, the staff is super nice and their service is great! The interior is very beautiful and the food presentation is really appetizing! My bro and I agreed that we have another favorite Japanese Restaurant! ♥

 Just look at how my bro rated Yabu! ♥

Anyway, after an amazing meal, we wanted to burn the food off because we barely can breathe because of our uber full tummies. We walked around the mall checking some stuff out and also shopped for some items.

Anyway, here's my little Saizen haul:

 Cotton Puffs!

 Earphones. I only bought cheap ones because I rarely use them anyways... mostly for watching movies on my laptop.

 Duo Eyebrow pencils in Dark Brown and Brown

 Eye Lash Glue

 Eyebrow scissors

 Brown polka dotted scarf

 Errr... some kind of a lace thing that you can use as a hair accessory or a belt or whatever your creative juice can think of.

 Puppy diapers for our new dog... i also bought him a leash but wasn't able to take a pic because he is currently using it as I was taking photos and writing this blog entry. :P

And my bro also bought some stuff from Saizen
 A pencil case

 A card reader

 and a cap

And we also bought some more random stuff

Some beauty stuff for me

 and a new pair of shoes for my bro

So yeah... today was a bit of a splurge... Good thing my mom loves us so muchhhh even if we are soooo magastos! Haha!

Fun, fun sibling date today! When I got home, I spent some time with my two babies!

Aqui and Bono ♥

Aren't they just soooo adorable!?



  1. Seeing the pictures while it's lunch time made me more hungry!

  2. Amakura Reika - You might want to try them if ever you drop by to one of their branches. :)

  3. i think you'll be disapointed with the eyeliner thingie you got from saizen. i bought one before and its like i bought crayons. it smells like crayons and just wont draw(?) on my skin.