Friday, August 17, 2012

Review : Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate

 Hi guys!

I've realized we haven't been posting much about hair care. That's because we are actually guilty of not taking proper care of our crowning glory. I know it's a big no-no for most kikay women, but yeah, we pretty much took for granted what we shouldn't have. Now that my hair is getting dry and experiencing hair fall, I regret what I did and as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I am looking for ways to pamper and condition my hair to make it healthier again.

So in my quest to find a good treatment for my hair, I found this in Landmark one day and wanted to try it out...
 Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate

I've seen some bloggers post about this and got me curious to try it out too. I got the smaller tub which is 450g (quite big for a smaller one, huh?) and it's only Php148.00.

I got the duo chocolate scent because I'm a sucker for sweet scents.
It would also go better with my The Body Shop Chocomania beautifying oil and body butter. :P

Product description from website:

Lorys is a complete line of Hair Cream, composed of different concepts that will treat all the types of hair, from normal to extremely damaged.
The new Hair Cream Lorys Duo Chocolate with thermal activated silicone was developed for the intensive care and conditioning of damaged and sensible hair. Its formula contains Hydrovanceä offering the repair to the hair and sealing the hair surface scales, making them soft and shining.

Been using the product for almost a month when I took this picture. :P

The product is very creamy. It smells fantastic!! I super love the mild chocolatey smell! I actually look forward in using it whenever I shower. It's not hard to wash off and it doesn't cause dandruff or itchiness.

I use this hair cream daily after I shampoo. It does moisturize my hair and helps detangle my curly, permed hair. Although I don't think it is the best conditioner I've tried, it is good enough for everyday use. I still do some intensive hair treatment once or twice a week.

The best thing about it, other than the terrific smell, is how affordable it is since it comes in a very big tub. It goes a long way! In short, super sulit!

So would I buy again? Yes, I will! I'll probably try the Lorys Snake Oil or Shea Butter scents! :P

So have you tried any Lorys Hair Cream?
Do you have other hair care products you can recommend??



  1. OMG I love Lorys :D I've tried Fruit Cocktail and Shea Butter already. The Shea Butter one is my fave! And I super like the scent of Fruit Cocktail! :D

  2. I love this, Dawn! But I prefer shea butter. Never tried Choc!

  3. Aya & Chrissy - Now I wanna try She Butter even more!!! ♥

  4. it's available sa landmark. very affordable nga :D