Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spa Day with Mama and Mitzi

Hello ladies!
I really like getting spa treatments. It's one of the things I always wish that I'd get to do. It's also something that I wish my mother would get cause she's always stressed out and rarely takes time to pamper herself.
So... here is one of the spas I've taken my mom with so far.
Ace Water Spa for me is one of the best spas I've ever been to, not that I've been to a lot.
I really like their facilities.
People are often intimidated to go to spas like this because of several reasons

1. They think because it's wet, it's icky. Well, it's not. They're very clean and even the bathrooms are well maintained.

2. They think because you're wearing swimsuits, it's intimidating. It's not. Nobody will oogle you and judge you. It's all about having fun in the spa so no one would really mind you whatever and however you look like just as long as you stick to the rules of the facility and do not bother any body.

3. They think because it's a pool, there will be a lot of kids screaming and shouting and bothering you. Well, there would be instances wherein there's an excess of kids but... not to worry... the staff help keep them in line.

4. They think it's expensive. The spa is a little pricey if you think of only the price, however, if you think about it, it's actually worth the money. The spa offers about 10 or more water-jet-powered massagers which targets different spots of your body which is tantamount to a full body massage. Plus there is also a steam and sauna bath, and three herbal hot pools which is inclusive in the 550 pesos you pay for each adult, and 250 for each child. In other spas, you'd have to pay separately for each treatment.

Plus, the spa offers a lot of promos for people to be able to enjoy the facilities and you can check them out on their websites.

I have little bad comment about the place, maybe the most that I can say bad about it is that there's little activity you can do inside the pool area other than the spas. Seeing as you can't really stay in the pool for very long, you'd need to somehow find some other thing to do that does not require you to be soaked in the bath for very long. I know their concept is somewhat similar to the health spas we see in Korea-novelas so I don't really know how they can do that.

So, as I've said before, I love how sleep comes so easy after this spa. I slept like a baby after each and every visit. :)

My mom also enjoyed herself and I think she would have stayed there until midnight had we not had something to do that day. She even asked if I could get more coupons to get us some more free spa access. Oh well, that's my mom...

So that's everything I have to say. Hope that encouraged you to try this spa and get some new experience. :)



  1. I NEED a spa day. Hahaha. And it's not too expensive ah. Thank you for this post :)

  2. that looks like a lot of fun, and as long as the facilities are well maintained it's good for me! I loveeee pools and what better than spend an afternoon in a spa like that!

  3. I lived in Del MOnte Qc before and it's so near my apartment but i havent even tried to visit. Then when i transferred in Pasig, its 2nd branch is near my place again, so i am thinking to give them a visit soon. Thanks for the review. Shy kc ako mgbathing suit. haha

  4. Your mom must be really thankful for taking her in this spa. It seems like the spa has lots of fun amenities to offer. Thanks for sharing!

  5. @aya, pop champagne, and meg - thanks for taking the time to read din. hope you have a good time when you visit.

    @keeza villanueva - maybe the universe is telling you to try it out. :) hope you find time and enjoy.