Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review : The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

 Hey fellow makeup lovers!

Lately, I have had the pleasure to try out different makeup primers. I've learned to love them and it has been a habit of mine to use it every time I apply makeup.

So far, my favorite primers are those that control oiliness and minimize my ever-so-huge pores. So the moment I saw the ad of this product by The Body Shop on their Facebook Page, I got interested and bought it as soon as I dropped by a mall. I got it cheaper since back then you get Php200 off + 10% discount since I am an LYB member. The normal price is Php795.00 I believe. :P

 The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Though I bought one for myself already, The Body Shop was generous enough to invite me in one of their events and also gave me another tube. Now I have a spare when I finish the first one! :P

So from the press kit they provided me,
here are some info about the product:

 And here's what's at the back of the tube:

The product comes in a tube which is easy enough to squeeze out the product but will not get it's shape distorted. It's very opaque so it's quite hard to see how much product is left.

It has a translucent yellowish color but it doesn't do any color difference on skin when applied. The consistency of the product is thick enough that it doesn't leak out of the tube but it feels very light and it is very easy to spread out and blend on the skin.

I'm not a fan of the scent. It smells herbal... kinda like medicine. Not really surprising because it is tea tree but I'd prefer if TBS would tone the scent down. It also has a cooling effect which I really LOVE! Makes me feel refreshed especially during hot days.

Here are before and after pictures of my cheeks for you to see the effect of the primer on my huge pores:
 My bare cheek -- eeek! HUGE pores!!

 My cheek with primer + BB Cream and translucent powder

As you can see, it did minimize my pores! It also mattified my face so I do believe the product delivers! It prolongs the staying power of my makeup and also takes around 4-5 hours before my face gets shiny from oiliness. But I only need to blot it with a tissue or some oil strips. Yayyyy! ♥

While I was in the event, we were given tips that this product can also be mixed with liquid foundations and BB creams and will also get the same result. You can also even apply it on top of your makeup if you want to mattify your face though I haven't tried it out for myself.

About the promise to reduce pore size. I barely see the difference. I have been using this for almost a month. I'll just update you if ever I notice them getting smaller.

...and since this is a product of The Body Shop, some of its ingredients come from their community fair trade! Their Tea tree ingredients were traded from Mount Kenya which helps in their economy, employment and education! Nice, right? These ingredients are also made from organic farming methods which help preserve the natural biodiversity. Yayyy! ♥

So to sum it all up:

♥ Helps minimize huge pores
♥ Mattifies my skin
♥ Cooling effect
♥ Light on skin
♥ Easy to blend
♥ Makes my makeup more long-lasting
♥ cruelty-free
♥ Supports community fair trade
♥ Kind of affordable
♥ Locally available
♥ Suits blemish-prone skin like mine

♥ The scent

Would I buy again?
Maybe? I still have a spare and I still want to try out other primers but I do think this is one of the good ones I've tried so far!

And since I do have blemish-prone skin, I'd also like to try TBS' other products in their Tea Tree Range.

 We actually have the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion which Liz made a review about a few weeks ago. And I do believe it works. I noticed my blemishes, especially the dark spots from acne gradually lighten. Even my friend, Anna, who visited me today said my face is getting better now.

So have you tried The Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimiser yet?
How about their other products from their Tea Tree range?



  1. wow! based on your photos, this stuff really works! want to try this too. ^__^

  2. It does, Hollie! Hope you'll like it! ♥

  3. hi ms dawn! after month-long use, does it really helped in minimizing stubborn large pores? I can totally relate to this post thanks! :)

    1. Hi Lucky Vixen! I didn't see much difference after finishing the whole tube. :/

  4. i just realized how important primers are and they're my addiction right now. I just wish you didn't have to put bb cream/powder on your after photo since this review is only about the primer itself, but thanks! :)