Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hair Care Haul!

 Hi dearies!

 Today was a happy shopping day for me.
I was at SM San Lazaro looking for some Shampoo and Conditioner but was overwhelmed with the items I saw and my impulse buying syndrome got the best of me.
I didn't even remember that I haven't eaten lunch and was hungry when I got to the mall. LOL

So here are the stuff I bought:

Been seeing a lot of TRESemme ads on TV so I want to try them for myself...
Got their Shampoo and Conditioner

 And their treatment mask.
I got them all in anti-hair fall since that's the most serious problem I'm facing with my hair lately.

 Also saw this Caimei Hair Treatment. Not really familiar with it but the packaging looks nice and it's only Php111.00.

 I've been wanting to buy this hair styling set from Watsons. Only Php699! It takes a while to get it heated but at least it has a 1 year warranty! And I won't really use them regularly since I get my hair permed. Its purpose is mostly for the people I do makeovers with. :P

And I also bought a few liners!
 Lip Liner and Eye liner pencil from LA Colors! :)

 Oh! And I got this as a freebie from Watsons. You get this for free if you purchase stuff amounting to a certain price. It looks nice. It comes in blue and brown too! :)

And my most favorite among my purchases...
A book about art!
The artist inside me is screaming of joy. I was at BookSale and I was overwhelmed with all the art books in there. I always complain at the SM San Lazaro branch of their lack of art books and now I complain why I have so little funds to buy them! Haha!

Anyway, that's all I bought. I can't believe how much I'm  spending nowadays. I guess I shall ban myself from going to malls for a while. Haha!



  1. Hi Dawn! Will wait for your review :) I saw tresemme on ads to and the product looks promising. Please review LA colors eyeliner. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. Wow! I saw these on raymond gutierrez and liz uy's instagram. How much is the conditioner? They do look huge too.

  3. Kath - Will do! :)

    Karla - The conditioner is worth Php 280.00 only! it's 600ml!

    Gellie - This one is cheap since it comes in a set! I'll update if this is good enough so I recommend it! :P Though I have a curling iron from Revlon. Been with me for 6 years now and still working great! :)