Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review : The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink

 Hello lovelies!

I know that some of you asked us to create a post regarding this as soon as I blogged about the Limited Edition Lily Cole Makeup Line from The Body Shop. Sorry if it took us a while but here it is!!!

 The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink

BTW, before I proceed with the review, the Lip& Cheek Dome is also available in another shade, Crazy for Coral. Something the peach lovers would enjoy.
Anyway, I got this along with some other Lily Cole Makeup Range during the introduction of the Pulse Store of The Body Shop at SM Mall of Asia.

 Here's a description of the product from the Press Release:
 Lip & Cheek Dome
 A creamy gel in an easy-to-use, innovative dome
format can be applied directly onto cheeks or onto lips.
Available in Pinch Me Pink and Crazy For Coral.
 It's also Lily Cole's favorite from the range. :)
 I'm not really into cream or gel blushes... I don't even like cheek tints. That is because I have oily skin and these products don't stay long on me. So this wasn't really something that I was excited about when I saw the range. :P

The packaging is cute and quite unique. It really is a dome and the label is very feminine with all the pinks and the cursive font.
When I opened the cap, I thought the pink dome was removable. Turns out, it's actually the product! Haha! Sure fooled me because of it's uber shininess! Haha!

It doesn't have a scent and it's not sticky as well.

Pinch Me Pink has a bright pink tone as seen in the following swatches:

 On Paper

 Swiped with my fingers

On my arm

The product is quite sheer too. I needed to apply the product over and over to make it visible enough on my cheeks.

 On my cheek

It gives a very healthy pink glow on my lips too.

 On my lips

I rather use it as a lippie than a blush. Hahaha! I like the results on my lips better. :P

 Used it as a blush and lippie in this picture.

It's very easy to use since you can just apply it directly onto skin. No need to use brushes or other makeup applicators. The thing I don't like about it is since it's cream/gel type, the foundation I have on mixes with it. It really turns me off, especially because it kind of looks unhygienic too. I don't have the gorgeous skin that doesn't need at least some BB cream or foundation on so I really don't like that the product mixes with them.

The lasting power, as I've mentioned before, isn't that good on me since I have oily skin. I'm just not to sure for those who have normal or dry skin.

I also didn't encounter any allergic reaction or any breakouts when I use this.

So to sum it all up!

♥ Comes in 2 shades
♥ Easy to use
♥ Pretty packaging
♥ No annoying scent
♥ Non-sticky
♥ No breakouts or allergies
♥ Cruelty-free
♥ Kind of affordable
♥ Locally available

♥ Mixes with my foundie
♥ Doesn't stay long on my skin
♥ Too sheer for me
♥ I generally am not a fan of cream or gel type blushes

Will I buy again?
Nope. Still sticking to powder blushes for me.
It just doesn't suit my oily skin. Though I do believe this would work better with people who have normal skin. Do let me know if you have that skin type and you're using this. :P

Have you tried The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink yet? How about Crazy for Coral? Do you like other products from the TBS Lily Cole line?



  1. Disappointing naman how sheer it is :(

  2. True. Benta siguro nito if it would have been more bold e. The shade is something most of us would use.

  3. Sayang naman that it's not long-lasting. I wanted to try this pa naman. Now, I have to think twice! =)

    As Told By Julz here. Following you now. =)

  4. Hey Julz! Thanks for following our blog! :)

  5. Aww. I was about to buy this but decided to read some reviews first. Anyway. Have you tried the one from IN2IT? I know you're not a fan of gel blushes but just in case you have tried them, let us know! :) Great blog by the way!Just followed you! :)