Saturday, August 11, 2012

Makeup Experiment #07 : Johnny Depp

 Hey folks!!

Time for another makeup experiment!!

This one was actually done like a month ago already but I've been so busy with other posts.
This makeover is quite unplanned. We wanted to do a different look but instead did this!

And of course the makeover is inspired from the ever-so-gorgeous...
Image Source:
 Johnny Depp!
I'm not really the uber big fan of him but Liz and the model for this makeover, Gucci, is!

So just like my other Makeup Experiments, we only used the available resources. Our own makeup, props, camera and such.

Here's a before and after picture:

Gucci is actually one of my friends since preschool. We get to hang out a few times these couple of months and decided to do some makeovers. We planned a different makeover for that day but was too engrossed with catching up on things that we weren't able to do it. 

During our chitchatting moments, I got her to look at the Boy version makeover I did on myself and she liked it so much that she wanted to try it out as well.

We also talked about other themes too. We were so excited to do so much makeovers that we don't know which one to do. We already planned different themes that I cannot tell you yet since it's gonna be a surprise. :P

But before Gucci left, we did the quickest makeover we can do just so we can call the time she spent on our house as productive -- her guy version.
While we were thinking of what peg we will use, I remembered that her hair length is quite similar to Johnny Depp's. Plus, she has Jack Sparrow's voice as a ringtone on her phone so we get to feel his presence during our thinking session. LOL

So anyway, after lots of contouring and fake facial hair, here are more pictures of our Johnny Depp-inspired look!

 It only took us around 30mins to create this look along with the pictorial session.
We only got a few shots since we can't control our laughter every time we look at the pictures. It's just so weird for us. Even now as I am typing, I can't help but smile whenever I remember that moment.

So what do you think of this makeup experiment?
Will Gucci pass as a Johnny Depp look-alike?



  1. Bwahahaha. I'm really liking these man-periment posts. In the left one of the first two profile-esque shots Gucci really looks like a guy.

  2. hahaha pwede!! :D ang galing!

  3. grabe just look at the eyes! kuhang kuhang ang total look at attitude.

  4. ang galing! you did it very well! :)