Monday, June 11, 2012

San San Makeup Organizer

 Hi everyone!

Last Saturday, I went to HBC Robinsons Manila to pick up a blogger kit and a little surprise for you, readers!
But I won't reveal the surprise in this post yet! 

Anyway, the blogger kit contained this San San organizer.
I do have a clue on what it was the moment I opened the paper bag because I've seen this while I was picking the the kits up.
I even already swatched the products. Haha!

Anyway, included in the kit is a letter and here's what it says,

 So sweet right?
Lorie remembered that I just graduated. :)
Thank you so much! :D

 Anyway, back to the San San Makeup Organizer

The cover is of faux leather surface. It has an embroidered San San Logo at the bottom right.
When you open it, this is what you see:

 An organizer with makeup!
I do agree that this is very fitting for students and on-the-go women. You get to look pretty as well as organized with all the tasks you need to do. :)

 It also has a big mirror inside which I really like!
And the makeup is covered by a thick, clear plastic that protects the product for hygienic purposes.

 The pages have big areas on where you can write on and a small area where you can put the date and remarks on. It is also refillable although I think you have to buy/ make the paper that will fit the holes.

 And of course, the best part of the organizer, the makeup!
It includes a pressed powder, blush, eyeshadow, and lip cream. It also has a blush brush, eyeshadow applicator, lip brush and a sponge. At the back of the pages of the notebook, you will see the ingredients list of the makeups included.

Here's a closeup of the makeup included:

 and swatches!

Here are my thoughts on each makeup:
 The pressed powder is matte. Quite nice for retouching and removing the shine on your face from oiliness. It's not entirely transparent but I do think it can suit most Filipina skin color.

The blush is of rosy pink color. My favorite in the kit. It gives a natural rosy cheeks finish.

The eyeshadow is shimmery bronze. Quite pigmented but kinda powdery. Decent staying power except if you have oily lids like me. :P

And finally, the lip cream is translucent rosy red with tiny glitters. It makes your lips look healthy and glossy. Staying power is not so good. Just like most lip glosses, needs constant application since it is easily removed when you eat, drink, and the like.


♥ Quite handy since it already has your makeup essentials plus a notepad where you can write important things to do and such
♥ It's a local product! Support Pinoy products!
♥ I love the colors selected to create the palette. They are very basic and would look good in most skin tone
♥ Affordable
♥ I love the blush color!
♥ Since it's from HBC, expect that the makeup has vitamins too!
♥ The notepad has a nice spacing to it. I like big-spaced areas for writing since I have big handwriting.
♥ Love the big mirror included in the organizer
♥ Good for on-the-go people
♥ Easy to carry. It's as big as most planners/organizers or probably even smaller

♥ The packaging could have been made more classy 
♥ Amount of product, especially for the pressed powder, is too little
♥ Staying power of some of the products aren't impressive
♥ Some of the makeup has paraben

Personally, I don't mind bringing a bulky kikay kit. I do my makeup according to my mood so I don't settle with the same colors everyday.
But I do think that a makeup organizer is quite handy especially for those busy people who carry a lot of things around or those who do not have the time to fix their kikay kits often. I think it is also suitable for those who are just starting to use makeup since the palette included has the basic makeup already.

 So what do you think of San San's Makeup Organizer?
Do you think it's a good idea to mix makeup with your notes?



  1. Hi Dawn!

    This is nice! Honestly part of me likes it and part of me kinda is screaming "this is unsanitary!!!" especially as an organizer will be opened and used frequently, who knows how well the makeup is protected from bacteria? It looks to me like there's just a thin plastic sheet covering it :(

  2. Hey Chrissy! The palette actually has a thick, clear plastic cover that seals the makeup in. So there's not much to worry about that part. :) Sorry I wasn't able to emphasize it in the review, I've edited it now. :D

  3. wow!!! fusion of makeup and organizer is quite unique!! :D you're right this is for people on the go.. or for those starting out palang! kikay students better not be caught in class retouching though :))))


  4. I saw this too and wanted to buy it but the makeup is too small for me..prng sayang lng knowing I wont be using it nmn since ill be bringing my own planner and a separate makeup kit.:)

  5. This is perfect for college students. Would buy this soon just for the sake of trying it out. Hehe :)

  6. Hazel - True! Haha! :))

    Gie - my thoughts too since I already have a planner and I really bring a big bulky kikay kit. Haha!

    Gellie - I know some people who already told me they like the idea of an organizer with makeup! :P

  7. I love the idea of this one! I always carry a regular notebook everywhere I go, but this one has makeup in it! :D

  8. True! I always bring my planner and makeup kit everywhere! Why not mix them together, ayt? :D

  9. very interesting :) looks so useful pa, nice :D