Monday, June 04, 2012

Review: Lioele Water Drop BB

 Hiya folks!

I've had some requests to do reviews on BB creams.
I didn't bother buying BB creams when they became popular because I'm contented with the foundations I have. I like heavy-coverage foundies since I have a lot of acne scars to hide. :P

But since my skin is getting a bit clearer now, I had the courage to experiment with other makeup bases including BB creams.
One of the BB creams I bought is...

 Lioele Water Drop BB
 I bought the mini one which costs Php250. The bigger one costs Php795.

Here's the description on the tube:

"It is an exclusive moisturizing BB cream which makes your skin moist since waterdrop, which is generated when you apply it to skin, is well absorbed into your skin."

(SPF 27 / PA++)

 And here are more info from the website:

"Water Droplet Moisture Supply Provides natural Skin Glow, rather than by adding pearl. Simultaneous blocking of UVA and UVB, relieve Reddened Skin with its cool waterdroplet."

Why did I choose to buy this particular BB cream? 
I have very oily skin. I guess water-based makeup is more advisable for me to use so might as well try one. I never bothered to buy water-based foundations before 'cause I find that these products have only light to medium coverage and I hate having to apply concealer on every dark spot on my face. But like I said, I'm willing to try out new things. :P

 First thing I noticed when I opened the product is the cap. 
There's this pointy thing that fits inside the opening of the tube to prevent the product from spilling. I likey! ♥

 The opening of the tube is just right. Very easy to control to avoid getting too much of the product.

First time I saw the product, I thought it was kind of grayish but it blended on my skin pretty well. The product is very light on skin and quite easy to spread out because of the thin consistency. It also has a light to medium coverage.

Oh! It also has a pleasant smell. And the finish is not entirely matte but it doesn't have the spakles, pearly effect nor the dewy effect like some other BB creams. It's just very natural.

So this is my hand where I blended the product on. See? You barely see it.

And here's the product on paper
The right side is when it is blended.
Unlike oil based products, the paper absorbed it fast.

 And here I applied it on my face:
 It didn't help with the acne marks but it did lessen the redness on my skin

 So with some help from my trusted concealer and finishing powder, I went out and see the staying power and oil control of the product.
 My photo before I left the house...

I controlled the urge to retouch! Haha! Not even blotting.
 and 7 hours later...
Here's my face! A little shiny but usually, my face gets shiny all over after that long hours of no retouching.

So yeah, pretty decent oil control. I only felt my face getting oily at around 3-4 hours. Staying power is also decent provided that you don't sweat a lot.
I noticed that the product gets easily washed off. Maybe because it is water based. Whenever I brush my teeth, the product around my mouth and on the areas where water touched my face (even under my chin) gets removed. So better watch out and carry your umbrellas this rainy season when you use this product. Well, at least you won't have to wash your face over and over and over when you remove your makeup. :P


Blends well on my skin
Available Locally
Has SPF 27
Light on skin
Pleasant Smell
Decent oil control
No caking
OK Lasting power as long as you don't sweat a lot
I like the cap with the pointy thingy inside (what do you call that anyway? Haha)


Not enough coverage for me
Easily removed with water so OH NO! It's the rainy season!

Will I buy again?
I like the product but I probably won't for now since I would like to try other products too. :P

So that's it for my review of this product!
If you'd like to buy this or any other products from Lioele, here are their branches in the Philippines:

Robinsons Place Ermita - 2nd Floor Padre Faura Wings Pedro Gil Ermita Manila (where I bought mine)
168 Mall - Ground Floor 5CA-06 Soler Street Binondo Manila

St Francis Square - Ground Floor near Mercury Drugs Stall GH-A St Francis Square Julia Vargas Avenue Corner Bank Drive Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City
Soon to Open: Lioele Outlet in IMUS, Cavite ( In front of Robinsons Mall) * Tacloban City 

And for more info on Lioele, check out their



  1. Medyo bet ko ang hindi masyadong heavy coverage so this one looks really interesting and inexpensive ah! :)

  2. Gellie - True. But what I got is the smaller one which will last around a month or two when used daily. :)

  3. Good thing I'll be in the Ortigas area this Friday! I'll try this out myself also and purchase the small tube first.

    I'm glad it seems to do well for you since I also have oily skin (well, combination really. My t-zone is oily and my cheeks tend to be normal to dry)

  4. ari - I hope you like it as well. :)

  5. Parang gusto ko nito kaso, i was thingking nga sa rainy season... feel ko hulas ang beauty ko... :)

  6. check!
    di ko rin masyado peg nitey. it's great that it's watery and all, pero yun nga the coverage is for people with really really great skin, eh di mag powder na lang kung sobrang winner ang skin LOL
    the other lioele bb's are awesome though LOL.
    this one is for running down the grocery to pick up a few things, not for an entire day kind of thing ;-)

  7. Thanks for the heads up on where to find/buy this BB cream. I have been lemming over this BB cream for sooooo long!

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of

  8. Sweethestia - Yun nga lang... I see traces of sweat when it's too hot. Who knows what i'd look like if I get caught in the rain! Haha!

    Marge - Oooh! I want to try other Lioele BB creams. When i was at their stall, ang daming promising na products! Time to visit them again soon!

    Bec- no prob! I hope you like the product! :D

  9. Btw, have you tried using a makeup fixer (like the one from MAC) on it afterwards and seeing if it makes the product last longer? Especially against rain/water.

    Since I'll be purchasing this for sure, I'm going to add that tip in just in case.

  10. ari, no I haven't. Unfortunately for me, I don't have makeup fixers yet. Do add that info on your review. If it helps, I'll most likely get me a fixer too! :P

  11. hi,

    if anyone is interested sa product, just let me know ha.. i know someone who sells this product.