Monday, June 25, 2012

Review : Bourjois Imperfection Concealer in Beige Rose

 Hi Ladies!

It will be a very busy week for the sisters since we are preparing a very big surprise for our lovely readers.

We have mentioned in some of our past posts and in our Facebook page about a surprise we are currently preparing... can you guess what it's for?

Anyway, just a quick review for today.
Bought this from Mega Brands Bazaar 2012, particularly Victoria's Secret Haven Store.

 Bourjois Imperfection Concealer in Beige Rose

Been using this for the past month now.
 I like the leopard print on the packaging. ♥
It's actually what attracted me to buy it! :P

 Label at the bottom of the product

 And on top is a tiny mirror... mine's full of scratches now though. :P

 And here's the product when opened!
 I actually like that it is in tube form because it is easier to apply.

 Here's a swatch on my hand.
The product is very creamy and easy to blend.
Shade is quite yellow-toned as well which is very suitable for my yellowish skin. :P

So here are pictures to test the product's coverage:
 My bare lower cheek with an annoying pimple scar

 Put some of the concealer on top of it
It is quite lighter than my skin tone.

 After blending.

It blended well on my skin but it didn't entirely cover the scar.
Though it is buildable so I can just apply more layers. But lasting power isn't impressive, especially on my oily skin.


Packaging is cute
Yellow toned which suits my skin
Creamy and easy to blend
Has a little mirror on top of the cap
Easy to carry around


Not enough coverage
Not long lasting
Not available locally
The labels get scratched off easily

Will I buy again?
Nope. I have problems with a lot of acne marks so I really need good-coveraged concealers and this one is not one of them. This can be handy for the under eyes though and easy to carry around in your vanity kit.

That's all for this quick review! ♥

Have you tried this product yet?
Any concealers you can suggest that is affordable and a must-try?



  1. aww too bad it didn't cover your scar well! but i like that it has a small window on the tube!!! very practical :)

  2. True. If it had better coverage, I would have loved it in my kikay kit all the time! :P

  3. I also need a good concealer. Di ako makapile sa product reviews mo about concealers. I have pimple marks din lately, di ma cover ng bb cream and powder fondi :(

  4. Kath - the hunt for the HG concealer begins for us! Well, I actually think the Laura Mercier secret comouflage is the best I've tried but it's still kinda expensive for me so I'm looking for affordable ones. :)