Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liz Shops at Saizen for the First Time


Yesterday, Liz and I went to Robinsons Manila to go shop at Saizen store.
It's actually her first time to go to a Saizen store and she already has something in mind to purchase.  

 Shopping is just fun! And what makes it more enjoyable is that you can afford the items you want! Just like in Saizen where all items are only Php85! :P

So here are the items we bought starting off with Liz's purchases:

 The main reason we went there is for these.
Nose Packs to remove those annoying blackheads.
I actually have both of these but Liz wants some for herself so she can use it anytime, plus, she wants to try it with her sibs! She'll do a review on these sometime so do wait for it! ;)

 A little cute lunchbox!
She would have bought those cute bear shaped ones but she needed something that's not bulky to fit her bag for school. She'll start to bring lunch to school to avoid spending (she's saving money to get front row seats for Bigbang's concert here in Manila). Har har!

And of course I bought a few items for myself as well.

An imitation perfume of Chanel no. 5.
Why do you ask?
I just like the smell. Haha! I vaguely remember what Chanel No.5 really smells like. I've smelled it once when I was at my aunt's house in LA. But this one smells nice so I just took one. It's only Php85 anyway! :P

 An eyeliner duo. It has a dark brown shade at one side and a shimmery white one at the other end. I desperately needed a new dark brown brow pencil and I don't think I will be shopping again soon. And this one has 2 shades already in it! I tested them and the dark brown one seems long lasting. ♥

 And finally some non-beauty related stuff.
A pack of erasers for my artsy fartsy stuff and a simple calculator requested by my bro so he can use it for his PNLE today! Goodluck, bro!

That's all we bought... because that's the only thing we can really afford... I wanted cute notebooks and pencil cases pa!. I also wanted to buy an outfit for our cute doggy but the cute outfits didn't come with his size. Awww. :(

BTW, our bestfriend, Rica, who is now living at the US just sent us gifts!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists and Body Butters!!!

Yayyyy! ♥
Thank you very much, Rica!

Have you went shopping to Saizen lately?
What do you usually buy there? :)



  1. Nice loot! Shopping in Saizen is always fun! You won't go out there empty handed for sure. :D

  2. Saizen should come to Cebu!

  3. great finds :D i like to use the charcoal one on left on my nose ;) the VS looks lovely :)

    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  4. Helen - True that! Will surely go back and shop again soon! ♥

    Dani - Agree! They should open more branches!

    Amz - Thanks! Hope you wait for Liz's review!

    Gellie - Ako din! ♥

  5. I ♥ Saizen, Complete with make ups and Stationaries and other stuffs. i just wish they never made the price 88 pesos just like what Daiso-Japan Home did.