Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Haul from the 3rd Mega Brands Sale

 Hey everyone!

Last Sunday, my bro and I went to the 3rd Mega Brand Sale at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. 
We were kind of excited to go since we saw some of our favorite brands participating in the event. It was the last day of the event so we thought that most of the good stuff must have been bought already but on a positive note, some of the stalls might make the discounts bigger on the items so that they can be sold since it is the last day.

Img Src: http://www.spot.ph/event/49646/3rd-megabrands-sale
See those brands? Especially the makeup ones? 
Really made me excited when I entered the place.

I first saw the stall where they sell the Guerlain products. Some were as low as Php800 and I am talking about items that have Php1,700+ as their original prices. I didn't buy any though since I didn't see any from the items on sale that were interesting for me and I might find some other item that I'd rather spend my money on... :P

 We did see more interesting items but although most items were discounted, they were still a bit expensive for my brother and I.

Good thing is that most of the sellers accept credit cards.

But at the end of the day, we weren't able to buy much. My bro only bought 3 pairs of socks! Haha! I bought a couple of things... Here they are:

 A really big, tan handbag.
 I like big bags since I bring my drawing pads, materials, DSLR and such. :P
Got this for Php800

 Also one white cardigan.
Hard to find one for my size and I always wanted one.

and finally, shopping isn't complete without makeup!

 Bourjois Paris Imperfection Concealer in Beige Rose
Max Factor Pressed Powder in Light
Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Gentle Rose

I bought these from Victoria's Secret Haven Store. They have a Facebook Page you can check out.

Want any reviews or swatch posts on these products? Just comment them below!

Anyway, that's all I bought from the sale. 
Did you go to the 3rd Mega Brand Sale? What items did you get? :)



  1. i didn't even know such sale existed!!!! SAYANG!! great buys btw :)

  2. Yeah. I just saw it from a blog the day before we went there. Super sulit. :P

  3. Ate, the bag is just so beautiful! :)

  4. Sienna - it is! And I really think it's a very 'sulit' buy since it's big. ♥

  5. wow, bet ko yung bag! winner ;-) i love big bags ^_^ and i love the color ^_^

  6. Issa and Marge - it is! Bought it right away! Haha! ♥