Thursday, June 28, 2012

MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments in Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke, and Roasted Chestnut

 Hi Dearies!

You know what's fun about having a friend who doesn't use too much eye makeup and who happens to have kikay aunts that give her expensive makeup?

You get to use those gifts! Haha!
Of course, I can't really keep 'em. But at least she let me play with them and get first dibs! ♥

That's just the case of what I will be sharing with you on this post!
Liz gave me the awesome opportunity to try out some of her new makeup. 

With all the eye shadows to choose from, I picked these little cuties to try out...
 I've always wanted to try MAC pigments. I always see them in various makeup tutorials. ♥

The shades are: 
 MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments in Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke, and Roasted Chestnut

A container actually houses 2 shades. The 2 shades are actually easy to blend together. The top one is lighter while the bottom is darker.

And here's a group swatch:
From Left to Right:
 Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke, and Roasted Chestnut

Here my individual descriptions per shade:

First off...

 Top one is Pearl.

As the name suggests, it's pearl-like white.
I usually use this at the inner corners of my eyes. :P

 Rose Light

 It's a pretty light pink metallic shade. Probably the most wearable for everyday among the shades. :P

And for the second container:

Spicy Smoke

  I actually thought this would be like maroon-ish in color... but I was so wrong! It's red!
 I'm not really a fan of red eye shadows because... it just doesn't look great on everyone. 
But I think I managed to make it wearable in one of my previous EOTD's. Which I also posted some pictures at the bottom of this post.

 And finally...

 Roasted Chestnut

 It's of deep brown metallic shade. My favorite shade actually. Super nice to use in doing brown smokey eyes. ♥

As mentioned above, here's the pictures of the EOTD I made using these crushed metallic pigments:

 And here's the rest of my face:

 I super love the MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments because they are super pigmented! With a really good eyeshadow primer, it can really last the whole day! Just make sure to tap off excess pigments when applying it! ♥



  1. waaah I love these~ it brighten up your eyes and I love this look on you <33

  2. Thank you! I absolutely love these toO! :D

  3. Omg, they look amazing! I especially like rose and spicy smoke...metallics just look great on tanner skin! :)