Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Sugar Kisses Lip Balms

Hello ladies!

On my first visit to Sephora, I received a belated happy birthday gift from them, the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo.

And I was more than happy with their gift. If you'll ask Dawn, one of my biggest problem are my chappy lips. See, I've always had chappy lips and I've always looked for a really good lip balm to help me with this problem.
My icky chappy lips, sans lip products.

I've just about tried a number of lip balms and have not found my HG for lip balms... well I actually did, Dawn's unknown named lip balms which she bought years ago... anyway, she's used up all of them. So I decided to try these ones out to see whether they're worth keeping.

Here's how they look outside the box.

These ones are the mini versions. The actual lip balms are bigger and thicker than these. If I'd have to estimate, they'd be twice as thick as the minis.

Notice that there is a ridge at the bottom of the stick. The cap is twisted on and off. This is something that I like in this product. It assures you that it really locks so you don't get that 'oopsy' moment when the cap comes off because of frequent use.

Information on the product.
Ingredients in English
Ingredients in French

Here are the lip balms when twisted to its max.

Swatches on the arm
Left is Sugar Rose and Right is Sugar

The product glides smoothly over the lips and leaves a glossy smooth feeling on the lips. It leaves a feeling that's in between being wet and glossy but even if you constantly lick your lips (beacuse of the weirdness of the feel) the product does not come off. Kind of reminds me of petroleum jelly.

It does not 'flake' your lips over time. I've had some experience before with other balms where in after a few hours, my lips tend to flake/shed off, although not like they're dry flakes, they just flake. I'd then have the awful task of trying to get them off because they make my lips look chappier although they're not. I don't know if you've had that, but I do.

Another thing that's good about this product is that it has spf 15. Also, the balms are so nice to put on cause they have this lemony/zesty smell which I think is perfect for waking me up in class. hehe.

Here are my lips with the balm on

The only thing is, the texture of the balm on the lips does not permit it to mix well with other lip products so it can't be used before putting on a lipstick/gloss. It might work if you put it on like 10 to 15 minutes before putting on your lipstick just to let it settle on your lips. But I haven't really tried that out so I'm not too sure myself.

 Though this one is a birthday giveaway, the product can be bought. Unfortunately, I think it's only available in Sephora. I am not sure if there are any yet in the Philippines as Sephora only launched this, I think, this May.

So as a summary...

What I like:
*Glides smoothly on the lips
*Does not flake my lips
*Zesty smell
*Intensely moisturizes my lips
*Has spf 15

What I don't like:
*Can't put on before putting on lipsticks
*Is not locally available

Thus I have therefore decided to use the product only on intensely dry days since I've acquired a number of lip balms (drug store brands) over the course of my stay in Canada. So yeah, it's a keeper. I only wish we have it here so I can buy again if I ever run out.

Well, hope that helped.


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