Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Gentle Rose

 Hey Lovely Readers!

 Here's a swatch post of the blush I've been using a lot in the past few days...

 Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Gentle Rose
Bought this from Mega Brands Bazaar 2012, particularly Victoria's Secret Haven Store.

 Obviously from the product's name, it' has a soft rosy shade
I really love the shade because it looks good in most looks.
It's not entirely matte, but it's not shimmery at all. The shade just gives me a classy feel to it.

It also comes with a brush applicator. But I don't use it cause it's small and kind of rough. I'd rather use my own blush brush.

Info of the blush at the back of the product:

 Swatch on my arm
Some might find it kind of powdery but I think it's just fine.

and applied on my cheeks

Very subtle! Just the way I like it! ♥
Lasting power isn't impressive though, but the packaging isn't bulky so I can bring it around for retouching. :)

Any new blush purchases lately?



  1. Elf glow lang powder blush ko and minsan tinatamad pa ko mag blush. Ganda nung blush syo, subtle lang :D

  2. it looks so natural and lovely on u :)

  3. Kath - puro powder blushes naman ako kasi I'm super oily. I have probably 2-3 cream ones and zero tints! Haha!

    aMz88 - Thanks! :D