Sunday, June 03, 2012

Unrecovered Makeup Experiments :(

 Hi Girls!

Last week, my laptop crashed and I wasn't able to recover any files. Among those files that were lost were pictures from my makeup experiments with my friends. I still have 3 that weren't blogged nor uploaded yet.

It's upsetting that the pics are all gone since we worked hours on doing all the makeup, styling, taking photos and editing.

Good thing I like doing "teaser" photos wherein I upload parts of a certain picture from the makeovers so that people know what to expect when I finally upload the whole album.

So here are 3 teaser photos of makeup experiments that I wasn't able to share through my blog yet:

Guess who?
 This is probably the most challenging look among all the experiments we made so far.
Our inspiration is none other than Angelina Jolie.

Img Src:
It was super hard to get the pout! 
This makeover is the most upsetting of all the pictures lost because I can still remember shots that were soooo good and some shots looked more like Ms. Jolie than the teaser photo I used. :(

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Renz
Model : Renz Mandac
Photos by : me
Place taken : My room

Next experiment is...
 a Jessie J.-inspired makeover.

Img Src:

I admit, I didn't know who Jessie J was before this makeover. I haven't really been listening to recent music nor have I been watching MTV or other music channels. My model in this shoot, Pam, is like our singer in our barkada. She has a very unique and beautiful voice and quite updated to the latest music.

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Pam
Model : Pam Flores
Photos by : Anna Wamilda
Place taken : My room

Last but not the least, here's my last makeup experiment for now.
Fortunately for me (for comedic purposes) and unfortunately for my model, Kaila, this is the only picture that I was able to recover from our makeup experiment:

 I chose to use that picture as a teaser photo just to tease her. She wanted to in the first place anyway. :P

Our inspiration in this experiment is...
Img Src:
The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Kaila wanted a very bad girl - edgy look. She always looks sweet and friendly so the makeover would really show a different side of her. We really did got good photos but sadly, I didn't get to recover them :(

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Abbigail Ambrosio
Model : Kaila Ang
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room

It's so saddening that I only get to show you one picture per makeover and none of these pictures give justice to all the hard work and effort we poured in those experiments. From now on I'll always get back-up to all the photoshoots I do. I learned my lesson well. :(

 Anyway, there'll always be more makeup experiments to do. :)
 Any suggestions to what we can do next?



  1. Dawn, ok pa din yung photos. Ang galing. At least nai- share mo pa. It shows naman :)

  2. Thanks, Kath. Buti na lang I got to upload these or all the efforts are wasted. :P

  3. Aww sayang! Super ganda nung ginawa mo na makeup sa kanila :( Good thing there's these pictures!

    P.S. I'm hosting my first giveaway, please check it out!

  4. Zelle, yes, it really is a good thing that I managed to upload these. :P