Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review : The Body Shop Beatifying Oil in Chocomania

 Hey everyone!

A few days ago, I went to an event by The Body Shop wherein they introduced to us their newest products.

Some of these are their Beautifying Oils.
I even got the opportunity to take home a bottle! :D

The Body Shop Beatifying Oil in Chocomania

But first, what are these 'Beautifying Oils'?
Here's a poster from The Body Shop regarding these new products:


Kukui nut oil extracted from Hawaii’s Candlenut tree is packed with omegas 3, 6 and 9.
Sweet almond oil contains concentrated vitamin E levels. Community Fair Trade marula nut oil from Namibia moisturises and cares.

With a non-greasy, non-sticky texture, Beautifying Oils are dry – not wet – and absorb into your skin like magic. Use them alone or in addition to your existing moisturiser for an instant hit of radiance, beauty and hydration.

Containing up to 99.6% natural ingredients and available in eleven of our favourite fragrances at The Body Shop Beautifying Oils give your body, hair and face a natural glow that will leave you looking and feeling great. FRAGRANCES INCLUDE: Shea, Chocomania,, Moringa, Olive, Strawberry, Satsuma.

Sounds exciting right?
I first got to try the product at the event. I got a relaxing hand massage using the Moringa Beautifying Oil (the one in the poster). Moringa also happens to be my favorite scent among the selections! Olive and Shea are not far behind but I assure you that all of them smell awesome!

When I was getting my hand massage, I immediately smelled the product even when there were only a few drops of product applied. It smelled so floral and pleasant. Gem, who was giving the massage, said that she uses the beautifying oil on her hair as well, mostly at the tips since that's the part where the hair gets dry.

And back home, I was so excited to try out the beautifying oil I got from the event.
I got Chocomania. I'm not entirely a fan of chocolates but I never said I don't like how they smell! It smells so sweet and warm.

Here's a small description of the Beautifying Oil in Chocomania from TBS USA:
  • Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle. Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish. This one has a deliciously chocolatey scent.
  • For body, face and hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Deliciously chocolatey scent
I apply the product on my body especially on my hands and legs.
My hands are dry because of all the chemicals my hands are exposed to, like paint thinner and turpentine, when I paint. My legs get dry too since I scrub it often to avoid in-grown hair because I wax my legs. But just a few days of using the product, my skin is somehow softer and when I go out, it looks so healthy.
And if you worry of it being oil and all, it dries fast on your skin. Of course you have to wait for a few minutes. The truth is, I wasn't really a fan of oils applied on my skin because I hate the slippery feeling. But TBS' beautifying oils dry faster than other body oils I've tried before. Yayyy!
I also use the product before sleeping too.
It's just so nice sleeping smelling so sweet and chocolatey! ♥

If you've read reviews of The Body Shop products, you know that they are mostly made from natural ingredients and are cruelty free. That's why I love this brand and of course I don't worry of having allergic reactions because they are all natural!

And BTW, if you've also read about their community fair trade, TBS is actually celebrating their 25th year! Here's a poster on what products they use and from where they came from. This is actually a way for TBS to get the best ingredients for their products and help the people from the places they get these ingredients from.

I'm really impressed with all the work The Body Shop is doing. They get to make you "look good, feel good, and do good" as I quoted from their presentation from the event last week.

Anyway, back to the Chocomania!
Here's a summary of my thoughts:

Smells deliciously chocolatey!
Smell is strong but still pleasant to the senses.
Though it is oil, it dries fast on skin. No slippery and sticky feeling!
Made from natural ingredients. No allergic reaction.
Little goes a long way.
Hydrates skin.
Can be used on face, body and hair!
Locally available!

If you're not a fan of the scent of chocolates, then this is not for you. Though there are more scents you can choose from!

I will surely buy the Moringa scent next! ♥♥♥

Have you tried The Body Shop's Beautifying Oils yet?
What's your favorite scent?
Any other beautifying oils you can recommend?



  1. i was supposd to go to this event, sayang! :(

  2. Hmmm. I should try these soon :) thanks for sharing!

  3. fashioneggplant - sayang nga. We could have met na din sana. :P

    Jonnie - Hope you like it too! :)

  4. i do hope so too!:) how much did you buy it for?

  5. I got this free from the event I attended. But I believe they have this on sale as an introductory price I think? Not sure how much though. :)