Friday, June 08, 2012

NOTD : Etude House Nail Polish in PK014

 Hi lovelies!

 Most people don't really know this but my favorite color is Salmon Pink. I just find the color so warm and lovely... I've called the color princess pink before because I've always pictured princesses wearing this when I was younger.

Anyway, I found a nail polish that is super close to the color that I wanted.

 Etude House Nail Polish in PK014

I've seen some colors close to this but most of them are frosted, glittered or metallic. I just want mine plain and semi-matte. And that's what this nail polish from Etude House is, though this one has little glitters on it but barely visible.
Probably just a little pinker and it would be my perfect colored polish!
And what's uber nice about it is it's only Php49! Super nice deal!
It's my 3rd nail polish from EH and I like their nail polishes because they are so easy to apply and they don't dry up fast in the bottle. :)

 I've been wearing the polish for days now and I'll probably have to rest my nails from wearing polishes. But before removing my polish, I prettified my nails by adding these nail stickers I bought before from Watsons.

Don't they look adorable?
Although these stickers will only stay on my nails for 3 days or so. But I'll have my nails at rest from polishes by then! :P

Any Salmon Pink polishes you recommend to me?
Do share! I'd like to try them out!



  1. I toooold you~!!!
    Pk-15 is similar to that but lighter/darker? not really sure cause of the glitter content of each one, I prefer pk-15, but that's just me~ (because I like naturally light pink looking nails lolwhat) makes your nails look neat somehow~ :>
    Love etudehouse nailpolish!
    Stay Gorjaaaz~!

  2. Nice! I'll check it out when I visit an EH store! I have a pinker one too but it's too pink for me... PK003, but it's still nice. Love EH polishes as well and stay gorjaaaazzz as well! :P

  3. Yes! I super love this nail polish! :D It's so simple and clean!

  4. So true! It's super pretty! I love EH's nail polishes too. I was actually kind of disappointed that compared to the more pricey ones from The Face Shop, the latter clumped up faster. :( I can't wait to get this color soon! Been looking for a nice pink-salmon polish. Saw one earlier from TFS but I hesitated because of my bad experience. :(


  5. AJ - Loving the EH polishes too! I only have 3 right now but I plan on getting more! I also had The Face Shop before but preferred buying Elianto ones instead. Hope you like this shade as much as I do! :D