Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EOTD: Chinita Eyes

 Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

It's the year of the black water dragon!

Our fridge is filled with Tikoy! Haha!

And since it's the week of the Chinese new year, I decided to make my eyes look like a chinita's (hey, i do have like... 1/8 Chinese in me).
I know a lot are obsessing on making their eyes appear bigger and rounder, but that's just not my style. Hahaha. I like experimenting and here's what my eyes looked like today:


How did I do it? It's simple!

 Using a liquid liner, I lined my top lash line but starting at the center outwards. I didn't put any on the inner corners of my eyes because it would just make my eyes look rounder.
And I used a black pencil liner and also lined my waterline but I also stopped at the half of my eyes. I used neutral toned matte eye shadows. :)

 And since it's me, It has to be thick. I like thick liners. But this also works with thinly applied liners. :P

And check out my lashes! They are super long and not clumped together. 
It's all thanks to my new mascara -- Max Factor False Lash Effect.
I'm super in-love with it!
Gonna make a review about it soon so stay tuned!



  1. hindi ko ata keribels yan dawn.. yung winged liner nga nahihiya pa ako magsuot ng may flick sa dulo.. :s but it looks nice on you.. you have steady hands ah..

  2. wickeRmoss - I'm starting to love MF too!!

    donnarence- Thanks to my training as a fine arts student. Haha.

  3. Love ko talaga that MF mascara. Natural-looking falsies yung effect. :)

    FOTD naman with red lips and the eyes. :)

  4. I was actually wearing a red lippie kanina but I wasn't able to take a photo before I went to school. When I got home, my face was too oily na that I just settled for an EOTD. Haha! I'll do the FOTD on Thursday na lang! :P

  5. I love wearing eyeliner. Esp. liquid eyeliner. But I don't think I'm brave enough to wear the winged effect hehe! Love it on you though :)

  6. Thanks, Jen. Although you'll never know until you try! Sport the winged liner! Maybe it will look gorgeous on you as well. My sis used to think that it would look weird on her, now she always wing it and even flick it! :P