Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

I love doing eye makeup the most! 
I pour all my creative juices on the eye makeup during the whole makeup process.
Although great pigmented eye shadows are a must in creative makeup looks, having a really good eyeliner to define the eyes plays a very important part!

I have quite a number of eyeliners. Most people just buy black or brown... but not me! I like having them in different colors.

Right now I'm fond with this color from Majolica Majorca:

It's the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in GD802. It's like a dark golden olive green color. Weighs 1.3 ml and is around Php700.00.
The packaging is really, really, REALLY CUTE! I am a huge fan of Majolica Majorca's packaging!

So what does the product say?

The evolution of Liquid Eyeliner!
Eyes are emphasized and appearance of eyes

The secret to its evolution is the bold base and subtle pearlescent colors.
7 different shades change the appearance to transform your eyes. A precise line every time without fading of smudging. Striking!

The bottom line is the swatch - applied in one stroke. The line above is when rubbed several times.
It's shimmery and does have a pearly shine adding dimension to your eyes.

The brush is very soft and very easy to control. I like how it glides easily on my eyes.

This is a liquid eyeliner. It's automatic meaning you only need to turn it to get the product to it's brush. When you turn it, you'll hear a clicking sound. 
Only 1 to 2 clicks are needed to get the product to the tip of the brush! 
We don't want this to happen:

It's a waste of a beautiful thing!!

Anyway, 2 clicks would be the most as I see it. It's already enough to line both my eyes (provided that I am only doing a simple look). ;)

Here's what it look like when I apply it above my upper lash line.

The product didn't smudge on my oily lids which is what I'm very happy with! It didn't flake as well! It stayed on for the whole day!
And when you apply it, it dries quick enough that you don't have to wait a few minutes to open your eyes so that it won't stick on you lids.
The product is easy to take off as well. No more rigorous rubbing of the eye lids!

So to sum it all up!

What do I like about it:

  • The color is bold and unique
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Doesn't flake
  • Cute packaging
  • The brush is easy to manipulate
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes in 7 different shades
  • Easy to remove

What I don't like about it:

  • The price is too much for a student like me. :P

I really like this product. I wish I have the budget to get all the 7 shades.
Have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts on this?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned in this review. All items here are purchased by me.



  1. been wanting to buy this pero i haven't decided yet on what color to get.. nwe yah mejo mahal nga eh kaya I have to choose carefully the color para naman di masayang ang moolah .great review!

  2. Thanks mera! It's a must try! If you want a safe color, I'd recommend the brown ones. But even I had a hard time picking which to get! :p

  3. awww it's awesome, but true, yung sa etude house na liquid liner is only php498. i guess it's the price you pay for a less messy dispensation of the product. pag nagkamali ka dun sa i'm fine eyeliner eh parang ballpen na nagtata... LOL

  4. Marge, I haven't tried the etude house one eh. Is the performance the same as this one (except sa difficulty of removing it)? Nacurious tuloy ako. Haha! :P

  5. Hindi na ko student pero ang sakit padin sa bulsa! This looks awesome though... But I think I'll try Tony Moly muna. :D


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  6. Haven't tried ANY Tony Moly makeup yet. Huhuhu... I wanna buy more makeup! Hahaha. Pero... Wala ako pera! :P