Monday, January 09, 2012

Review: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

I love playing with eye shadows but only recently did I start using Eye Primers. 
Weird isn't it?
But now it's a must that I apply it whenever I wear makeup.

I've tried a few eye primers now and one of them is the...

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.
I've actually been using this for months and still loving it. This post is all about what I think of this product. :D

What the product says:


The brush is a doe foot applicator just like most of the primers I've tried.

The EH Proof 10 Eye Primer has a creamy consistency. It isn't scented and isn't sticky when it dries.

Here's a picture of eye shadows from my Dollface 88 pc eye shadow palette applied on my hand.

 On the left are the swatches without the primer and on the right are those with the primer.
See how vibrant the shadows turned out with the primer on?

And this picture shows the shadows when I continuously rubbed my hand on a cloth.

Directions on how to use the product:

So to test the product out, I applied it before going to school. I used my Dollface Cosmetics 88 pcs Eye Shadow Palette for my eye shadows. I didn't use much eyeliners in this look though except for the white one on my waterline.

I jokingly call this look the "Gumamela Eyes" just because the colors look a lot like the colors of the flower. :P (and I do go to school with super loud eye shadows. :P)

After a whole day in school... about 10 hours to be more accurate, this is what my eye shadow looked like:

The shadow is still there although not as vibrant. And only little creases can be seen.
Before, the pigments of the shadows would be gone or all creased together because of my oily lids!

So what do I like about the product?

  • The pigments stick perfectly that the colors are more vibrant
  • Makes my eye shadows more long-lasting
  • affordable at around Php300
  • Easy to apply and doesn't dry too fast
  • Creamy and it isn't sticky when it dries
  • Locally Available

What I don't like about the product :

      • The text design on the bottle comes off after some time

      • The shape of the bottle won't allow you to get the remaining product at the sides

I use this daily since it's inexpensive and I can easily buy another one when i run out of it. But for heavier eye shadows (or when I do creative makeup) I use UDPP or my sis' Kryolan eye primer. :P

What do you think of Etude House's Proof 10 Eye Primer? Have you tried it yet? Any eye primers out there that you'd like to recommend?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned in this review. All items here are purchased by me.



  1. NYX HD EYESHADOW BASE!! Around 300-400. :) Just like UDPP, just let it dry until it's no longer tacky before you start working your eyeshadows on.

    As for the bottle shape on that primer, when you are running out you can take out the stopper so you can swirl the brush (doe foot, whatever :P) around in there! :)


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  2. This is the first primer I've tried. I haven't finished my bottle yet. I love it! Great review! :)

  3. Chrissy, I have that Nyx HD eyeshadow base! But I've only used it a few times. I found it too sticky kasi. Although since you recommend it, I'll try it out tomorrow again! And thanks for the tip about the stopper!

    Aya, Thanks! This is my second primer. First one I've tried is the Kryolan. :P

  4. Hi Dawn, I love this eyeshadow primer too! Great review! ^_^



  5. Thanks, Iya! Glad you like it as well! :D

  6. I really like this. This worked way better for me than the ellana one. that one was ok, but it was such a pain to apply but this one from eh is very good, easy to apply and does what it says.