Thursday, February 09, 2012

NOTD: Crackling Blue

 Hello dears!

I was planning to write a review on a product today but I'm super tired. Been walking around all day and the only thing I was able to eat was a piece of fried oreo and a glass of water. I felt so weak and sleepy when I got back home.
Also, I still have to edit some stuff for my thesis.
So today, I'll just share with you an NOTD.

I've had this for around 4 days now. Still in good condition! :)
(Sorry for my dry hands. I've been using a lot of chemicals such as oil thinner when I do my oil paintings)

So here are the polishes I used:

Etude House Nail Polish in White (WH702)

Nail Up Environmental Crackling Polish in B861

I then coated it with a Sally Hansen clear polish. :)

Anyway, I'm quite surprise that my followers are almost at 400 now! And I was even thinking of doing a 400 follower giveaway. But I'm too busy right now to host another one. Especially since I also have one on-going. Maybe on my 450th? :P



  1. First time I've tried cracking nail polishes I was so amazed as to how they crack. Cute nails! :)

  2. Thanks, Gellie! Me too! And I was only able to try using one around 2 months ago! haha :P

  3. I've never tried cracking nail polishes before. This looks all sorts of awesome! :)

  4. the shade is pretty.
    I've tried crackling polish a couple of months ago but I ended up giving it to my lil sis. I find it too hip for me. lol

  5. maganda pala yung crack ng nail up! :) i have their matte nail polish! :D

  6. Yup! They dry in a reasonable amount of time naman. How are their matte polishes? Are they a must try?