Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Review: Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Dual Primer

 Good day, lovely readers!

 It is only but recently did I appreciate the usage of moisturizers and primers before I put on makeup.
I do own some makeup base/primers but most of them just made my face all shiny faster. I also use moisturizers before I sleep, but I avoided using them before I apply makeup. I've always thought that I didn't need it since I have oily skin (I was afraid that it will just make my skin more oily) and that I was still young and I that I will just use it when I reach my mid 20's, like 24 or 25. :P

I've been seeing a lot of posts about makeup primers and daily moisturizers, affordable ones at that, and I got curious to try some that will hopefully be effective for me.

And I did! One of those I tried and found effective is...

costs Php498.00

 What the product says, Directions of use and Precautionary Advice:

 35ml+1.5g 2 step moisture and pore coverage primer promotes makeup ready complexion and eliminate oily shine. Oil-free formula void of Talc and Paraben.

 Other details:


Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Dual Primer is actually 2 products in 1 -- inside the tube is a liquid moisturizer/primer and in the cap is a solid primer that focuses on covering or hiding bigger pores!

The moisturizer is very light. It is easy to spread all over your face and as you can see in the picture, the tube is easy to control thus you can squeeze out the specific amount you want. I hate tubes that releases too much product, and putting it back inside the tube is nearly impossible to do!
The product has a mild scent too. Not irritating at all!
AND it dries fast so you can proceed on your makeup routine and not wait so long just to let the primer dry!

The pore cover primer is not sticky at all. My face actually feels silky when I apply this. I apply this on my nose, and on some parts of my cheeks and forehead.
Does it cover my pores?
Well... when I finish with my foundation, I do see a difference. It doesn't cover my ever-so-annoying-huge-pores, but it does make it look smaller. :P
The product also has a mild scent and it has a little compact mirror too!

Did it lessen the oiliness of my face?
 Yes. Usually, when I'm outdoors, my skin gets all shiny in 2 hours. But recently, I've been outside doing errands for my thesis and I noticed that I only needed to do touch-ups after 4 hours. I kept on asking friends if I look shiny and I get positive feedbacks. So I'm very happy with that. Although my sis, Tracy, said that it doesn't do much for her (her skin is more oily than mine) and only prolongs the face getting shiny for only 30 minutes or so.

My foundation doesn't get cakey too. It usually happens to me before when I get too oily or put too much concealer and such. :)

Do I recommend it?
Yes I do! It works, it's affordable, and locally available! Although I wish that it has a high SPF -- it doesn't state if it has and how much. :(

I do like this product but I am still willing to try out others. I haven't tried much but very willing to experiment. Any suggestions?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned in this review. All items here are purchased by me.



  1. hi.. read this post and i got interested in trying out the product however i don't know if its available in SM.. i usually think that these products can only be found in MOA, which is a looong way from home..
    do you think this is available in, maybe, watsons stores or SM department stores?..
    thanks.. love your posts (even though i don't comment much, lol)..

  2. Hi! Thank you very much for reading our blog! :D

    You can find etude branches in other SM malls. Here's a link to the locations of their branches:

    Hope this helps! Cheers! :D

  3. Interesting product! after reading your review I'm now 100 % sure I want to try this.. I saw this before and i'm kinda hesitant to try out one :)

  4. Hi mera! Hope you like it as much as I do! :D

  5. Wow, thanks for this review! I have really oily skin and in need of products like this. I'm currently using EH's Goodbye Pore Ever Primer, which works great, but I'm gonna try this next... ^__^

  6. Rina-chan, you're welcome! I haven't tried other EH primers yet though. Good thing the first one I bought works good on me already! :D

  7. Hi Dawn!

    Thanks for doing a review of this product. I've been wanting to try it out of curiosity and because I currently don't use or own a primer as well. I was just waiting for somebody to do a comprehensive review, hehe. Good thing you did. :)

  8. You're welcome! Hope you like it too! :D

  9. I've been scouting primers after we used this on me that one time since it made my face less shiny for like a good 5-6 hours I think...I'd like to go and try other ones and see if they'd give me the same result. :)

  10. Time to do some face primer hunting, Liz! :P

  11. Wow, Love it! Parang sulit na sulit! I really think I might check this out so I can have a personal primer lang... I have one for clients kasi and it's different. I'm really curious about the pore cover thing!


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  12. wow, definitely something to think about. the doctor line from etude didn't break me out or anything, it just didn't prevent or heal any breakouts either. the silicone based primers i've tried broke me out eh. so hopefully, if i give this one a shot, it won't break me out. thanks for sharing ☺♥

  13. you can try the Benefit's Poreprofessional ...though it does not conceal all your pores but it does minimize and makes your skin extremely soft and smooth and ready for make-up =)

  14. interesting review. i might try this one after I ran out of my current primer. I am currently using Etude house goodbye pore ever primer and it works pretty well too. :)

  15. Chrissy - very sulit nga! Hope it works well on you too!

    Marge - You're welcome! I haven't had any experience of getting breakouts from EH products although I've only used a few. Hopefully this one won't break you out! :)

  16. Janet - I'll check it out. Although I feel it will hurt my wallet just by reading that the brand is benefit! Hahaha! I'm lying low on purchases. But thanks for the recommendation!

    MissDi - Been hearing a lot of good things about the primer you're using. Hoping this works for you as well! :D