Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review : Nichido Spot Concealer

Happy Hearts Day, everyone!

How was your Valentines?
Me? I just stayed at home doing the finishing touches on my thesis. The day after tomorrow will be my thesis defense... so wish me luck! :)

Since I am having a boring valentines evening,
I'll just do a short review for you guys... not that it would make the evening exciting... probably just so I can do something non-thesis-related. Haha...

Anyway, the product I will be reviewing is...

Nichido Mineral/Spot Concealer in Natural

This concealer pencil is actually my sister's. I borrow it time to time if I needed to bring concealer since it's very portable. I don't really use much concealers since I use heavy coverage foundations already.

So more about the product:

It's Php138.00 and available locally (I bought this from Watsons beauty section).
net wt. 0.04oz/ 1.14g

It says it :
is Water resistant
is Allergy Tested
contain silica, mica and zinc oxide

and here's a swatch:
Left : 1 stroke
Right : Smudged once

It's very opaque but it can be blended. Although I've used some concealers that are easier to blend.

Here's a before and after picture of the product applied to cover a dark spot caused by acne on my cheek:
It covered the dark area but the color of the concealer is slightly too yellow for my skin.

I've seen some that uses this to brighten up their eye's waterline, unfortunately, it irritates my eyes. :(

And using this to conceal the dark circles of your under eyes is a big no-no! It's not creamy enough and I really think that's it's only for concealing small areas.

And for the lasting power, if you're very oily-skinned like me, you might have to re-apply once in a while... I always wipe my face with oil control sheets or tissue so the product also gets rubbed off.

So overall, I think it's a good product for something very affordable. It does cover the specific areas that needed concealing. Although I would prefer it a little more creamy. :)

Have you tried this out yet? Thoughts?

Anyway, back to watching some series for the rest of my Valentines evening.
Again, Happy hearts day to those with their special someone and happy single awareness day to the rest! Haha!



  1. I tried this too. And I didn't like it. It doesn't stay on as long as I'd want too, and yes, hindi sya creamy.

    I originally bought this for my water line sana, kaso hindi ata sya safe for the eyes.

    I agree with you on the undereye circles too. Hindi sya ok. Parang chalk.

    I thought I just got a liner from a defective batch, I guess not, given your experience.

  2. Rae, sayang it didn't perform well enough. Would have been nice if it works so good and it's only at Php138!

  3. Happy Hearts Day and Good Luck to your defense :) Mabuti na lang na review mo na sis, I want to buy this sana din for my waterline. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I've been seeing that on Nichido counters but I read reviews about it on some blogs, results are disappointing. Glad I didn't buy it.

  5. goodluck on that defense! break a leg!

  6. I'm loving how opaque it is! Gl on your defense sis <3

  7. There are indeed some good and bad points about this product. But most products have mixed reviews anyway.

    Thanks everyone! Defense is in a few hours. So nervous!!!

  8. I was planning to buy one. Good thing I read this. Thanks for saving my money!

    Pls do visit my humble blog. Ill be reviewing affordable makeups from time to time. Ill really appreciate it! thecarmelmarie.blogspot.com

    Thanks and God bless! :)