Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker

Aloha beautiful readers!

Today I shall be reviewing a bronzer-highlighter tandem.

Bronzers and highlighters have been some of my favorite makeup products... I actually love them more than blushes! Why? Because I have a large, square-shaped face. Applying these products would make my face look slimmer and less angular.

I've tried quite a number of these bronzer-highlighter duo products such as from MAC and Dollface. This time I will be using and reviewing Etude House's Aloha V-Line Slim Maker.

Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker 01
 This is actually bought by my sister, Trace, more than a month ago.

Here's the product. It actually comes in another shade.

The product's shades I got are Wood Brown and Sun Gold.

The packaging and the design of the product itself is really cute! Fits very well with the incoming summer season, don't you agree?

 The product is worth around Php650.00

 Information, directions and precautionary advice:

 It also comes with a brush applicator.
It's kind of soft but I still prefer using one of my brushes than this one.

Here's a swatch on my wrist:

The Wood Brown is a matte, caramel-chocolate brown. Very warm and looks natural on my skin. It doesn't have the brick tone that I see in most bronzers.
Sun Gold is more pigmented. It is shimmery and is also warm on the skin. It really does make you glow when applied correctly. But I prefer matte highlighters since I have oily skin. I don't like "extra" shine on my face after some time. :P
The product has a sweet scent. It's not annoying at all. I really like how it smells. :)

Here's a demonstration printed at the box of the product:
 I guess their ideal face shape is a V-shape. 

Image Source:
 Here's a more detailed instruction on how to apply the product on the face.

I apply the bronzer below the cheekbones and the jaw line. I also put some of this at the sides of my nose to make it slimmer as well. :P
I apply the highlighter on the nose bridge, above the cheekbones, forehead and a little on the chin.

Here are shots of my sis' cheek when she used the product.
1st picture - cheek with only foundation on
2nd - when the bronzer was applied
3rd - when highlighter was added

The product is long-lasting. I was in school the whole day and I still see the contours on my face. It stayed longer than the blush I used that day! Yay!

Overall, I really like the product. It has a natural finish. Great to have especially since summer is coming soon! And I'm a fan of the cuteness of the packaging!! :D



  1. I don't really buy much product from Etude House. Yep they look really cute but I wasn't part of the group who were crazy for 'em. But this particular product seems decent and good enough. Thanks for sharing Dawn. I'm now thinking about trying this out :)

  2. Ang cute ng caricature ng contouring tutorial. Natawa ako :P

  3. Thanks, girls! I hope you'll like it as much as I did! :)

    Rae - yeah, it's weird and cute at the same time. Haha! :P

  4. i love this product too! its quite sheer, but really does make your face kinda V shape...hehe..^_^~

  5. pwede ba toh sa morena??

  6. Hi! It probably depends on how 'morena' you are. It's still best if you try it with their testers first. I think the shade 02 is darker so it might work better. :)

  7. i just got this but i haven't gotten around to using it yet haha! thanks for the review. :)

  8. you're welcome, Sugar! Hope you like it as much as I did! :D