Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shawill Pretty Color Eye Liners

Hey girls!

A few weeks ago, I was at SM San Lazaro helping a friend buy her outfit for our thesis defense. When we were done clothes shopping, I dropped by the beauty section of Watsons to check out some items.

I saw these eyeliners from Shawill and thought that the colors were cute. I tried the tester out and I did like the finish so I bought 2.

I bought the color no. 4 and no.8. It's Php98.00 each. These liners are available in different colors like silver, gold, black, blue, green and so on. I wasn't able to count them... sorry.

This is the box of the product

and here are more details about it:

The applicator is a soft, thin brush.

It's very easy to control. The brush holds just the right amount of product to line one eye.

Here are the swatches:
On top is 04
bottom is 08

The product has soft little glitters. These glitters are very fine and they don't feel sharp when it dries. 
I usually wait around 30 seconds to a minute for it to dry. It actually depends on the amount of the product you applied.

I usually put 08 beneath my lower lash line as seen on the photo above.
Regarding the super long black liner... I was just in the mood to line my eyes. I don't go to school with that kind of liner on. Haha! :P

I also coat the product underneath dark liners.
I really love the effect it brings to some of my makeup looks. Glittery eyes just give such amazing impact!

I'm happy with the product. It's very affordable and does the job as I expect it to.
It got me in the mood to do creative makeup looks!
I'm already asking some friends to be my victims again so I hope you tune in to check out some looks that I will be posting soon!



  1. nice review dawn.. macheck nga ito.. sana may silvery.. :D

  2. Thanks, donnarence! I believe they do. I didn't buy kasi I already have one from 4U2 eh. :)

  3. Nice review. inggit nanaman ako sa killer eyeliner mo, galing:) Meron ba sis na hindi glittery?

  4. Kath, Haha! Thanks. :D They do. They have the matte ones and also the metallic ones. :D

  5. I bought this but decided to give it to my beauty blogger friend from the US. Parang I wanna buy for myself naman... :P

  6. Go, go, Gellie! It's very cheap naman! Buy na! :P

  7. I really wanted to try using a glittery liner but I'm afraid to do so, it might be too much for me.

  8. Mas bet ko sya over dark liners :) not a fan of glittery liners, but i think i might check the metallic ones out. nice review! ;-)

  9. Those liners look interesting! Great review sis! x

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of http://mygorgeouspinkcheeks.blogspot.com

  10. Chinadoll - if you decided to try them out, you can try this one first since it's very affordable. :)

    anythiiinggoes - Hope you like them! :D

    Bec - Thanks, sis! :D

  11. I love Shawill! :) Will check these out Dawn, thank you very much!