Monday, February 20, 2012

Review : Nature republic Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow

Good evening ladies, I'm the newly adopted sister Liz. :) 
So I'd like to kick off my adoption with a review post. 

Dawn made me try the Etude  House Drawing Eye Brow last year and that started my whole, "I need to line my brows" craze and I've been using brown eye shadows as substitute. Still, I've been wanting to buy a decent brow liner ever since.

So I finally have one, it's Nature Republic Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow, the no. is 2 and looks dark brown (I can't read Korean letters). I bought this sometime late December or early January from Nature Republic instead of the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow since during those times I couldn't find any dark brown shade in any Etude House store and I really wanted to buy an eyebrow liner. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one as they were also low on dark brown ones as well.

I like the whole look of the pencil actually since it looks so clean and this shade of green is one of my favorite colors. I was supposed to buy the automatic one since I think it would be cleaner and easier to use, unfortunately, they ran out. Nevertheless, it wasn't much of a loss since it's not messy when you sharpen it - cause I encounter that problem when I sharpen eye liner pencils, they just stick to the sharpener and it gets really messy - or that might just be me. Another good thing is that the tip doesn't break off when you sharpen it or while you're using it.

Brush was also nice, the bristles were soft and easy to clean. Plus, the prints on the pencil have not faded yet :).

Swatches on the back of my hand applied in 1 stroke. The left one is when smudged a few times.

 So here's the before. As you can see I have thin hair strands so my eyebrows look sparse and non-existent from afar.

And here's the after. Initially, I thought the pigment to be quite strong and hard to handle compared to Etude's  but it was more of a problem in my drawing in technique than the pigment itself (I drew them quite bushy-looking then). Now, I think it to be easier to handle than Etude's cause it colors easier and you don't need to apply more pressure on it or run it through again and again to make it color. However, since the pigment is strong there is a tendency to get a really severely lined brow, although you can remedy it with running the brush over the line to break it, the pigment is still a quite strong so it might not be wise to use it if you're a first timer. But it is good if you're going for those kind of looks. It's long lasting as well.

Lastly, it's a break even deal when it comes to the price. It costs a little more than that of Etude's but since it colors quite easily you wouldn't have to sharpen it that often. Although I find it tiring to go to SM North Edsa to buy one when the time comes that I need to buy a new one.

Things I like:
1. It colors quite easily.
2. It's not messy when I sharpen it.
3. Packaging is pretty (green for mother earth!)
4. Long-lasting
5. Affordable at Php 170 (more or less)

Things I don't like:
1. If I'm not careful, I get bushy eyebrow effect.
2. There are no Nature Republic Branches near my area

Will I buy again?:
Yes, of course.

So that's it for my first post as a sister. Hope it's helpful. :)



  1. This eyebrow filler looks good. From the photos, it doesnt look like you have eyebrow something on.

  2. eggzaklee, though i reside in qc and sm north is just 10mins away, mega is more convenient for me. naku patay ako pagka nagka branch na sila sa mega hahaha

  3. @Rae and Kath - it does. it's better when Dawn handles it for me. :)

    @Marge - I know... I mean, I think I'd die with debts if I was anywhere near SM North or if San Lazaro suddenly upgraded their make-up selections. :)