Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Saizen Experience

 Hello, my lovely readers.

Today I went to Robinson's Place Manila to pick up my blogger kit from HBC and to finally check out Saizen and buy a blank lip palette where I can store some of my older lippies.

I've been hearing a lot about Saizen. It's a Japanese store that sells items at Php85.00. Yes, all items are only for Php85.00 each!

When I got there, I was wow-ed by the different selections available there. The store almost has EVERYTHING!!! From makeup and skin care, to kitchen utensils, house decors, snacks, electronics accessories, underwear, and even gardening tools. 

I wasn't able to find the lip palette but I still browsed around. I wanted to buy a lot but I am limited on how much money my wallet has. Haha! So for the meantime, I bought these:

 Face masks
I've tried some of these before but from different brands. I want to try these. If it works, it would be so awesome since it's so cheap! :P
 A concealer (Unfortunately, it's super beige-y so it looks grey on me)
Brow pencil (works fine)
Liquid liner (this is getting dry already... hmp!)
and a false lash glue

 Also bought some razors (for whenever I'm too lazy to pluck my brows)
and I heard that their tweezers are good so I bought one also

 Nail buff

Supplement case (I actually bought it as a container for my beads... I make some of my accessories)

And of course I bought some that are related to the thing I am probably more passionate about than in makeup... ART!

Can't wait to try all these out!

Do you see anything you'd like me to review? Feel free to comment about it.

Anyway, some items were awesome while some were kind of disappointing... but hey, it's Php85.00! Not too much of a loss. 

So have you been to Saizen? Any other items from there that I should try out? Suggest them!



  1. wow, those razors are cheap 3 for 85.

    update us how it fares. :D

  2. I love going in Saizen. They have everything! Hahaha :D

  3. Yeah! I can't believe I haven't gone there til yesterday!

  4. I love going there. I end up buying stuff which i dunno where to use :) Items are so cute & cheap!

  5. Pinkcookies, I know what you mean! I don't really need most of the things I bought. And I really wanted to buy more! LOL

  6. I love going to Saizen! There are so many interesting stuff, some are worth it and some are not (like cute erasers since they're just P20 in Landmark). Try their...dishwashing liquid! Haha! Akala mo kikay stuff noh? :) 1 liter of that for just P85. And it works well too.

  7. Helen, haha! I was puzzled when I read about the dishwashing liquid. But 1 liter for only Php85? Sulit! I'll definitely tell my mom about it so she won't buy anymore when she shops for groceries. We'll go to Saizen instead! :P

  8. I love going to Saizen! My sister and I buys some cute stuff there to be used in making our bento meals <3

  9. I saw the bento boxes too. It looks so cuuute that I want to get some too but I thought that I don't even cook much... so oh well. :P

  10. Liz! You'll be loving our nail sessions when you come over! I bought nail art brushes too!