Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trace Steps Out of PeachyPinkSisters

Hey everyone!

Dawn and Trace

If you've been a follower of the Peachy Pink Sisters for more than a year now, you might have noticed that for the past months, my sister, Trace, has not been posting any entries. It's all because of her thesis when she was studying for her masters degree and applying for a PhD in a University abroad (Yes. She really loves to study. Nerd. Haha! Kidding.). :)

 Now it's official, Trace will be stepping out of the beauty blogging scene. 
Just this morning, we dropped her off at the airport and left for Australia. She will be staying there for at least 4 years or more (she'll be visiting once in a while of course).

 It's gonna be extra hard to blog now since my sister is the better writer. But I'll try my best to get better and write things that make sense. Haha!

Although what's great about this is that she can send me more makeup goodies from Australia! LOL

Well, anyway, I support my sis 100% as she takes on a new chapter in her life. I know very well that she'll be successful in whatever she'll do.
I will surely miss her - our kikay moments, our random kulitans and other weird habits. Good thing there's already Facebook and Skype. :P

So to my darling Ate Trace, see you soon! Love you so much! ♥

And just so the name of our blog would seem "legit", 
I will be adopting my best friend since I was 6 years old, Liz.

You might have noticed that she has guest blogged quite a few times here at Peachy Pink Sisters. I've also gone to blogger events with her. She has also been my model in most of my makeovers and reviews that I've featured in this blog. Just a few months ago, her passion for makeup grew. It somehow became a stress reliever for her (she gets stressed quite a lot since she's a medicine student). Since we enjoy the same passion now, she agreed on being a part-time blogger here.
So anyway, you will be seeing more of her sometime soon! :)



  1. GoodLuck Trace ^_^ Take Care and Stay Beautiful..Don't worry sis, we're here to support you ^_^

  2. For a while there I was ready to get sad. I thought you were going to blog all by yourself now... Looking forward to more of Liz's posts.

    Good luck Trace!!!

  3. i have only been following your blog for a short time, but i already love it a lot. <3

    i'm proud to see another proof that nerds can be kikays, too. and that kikays can be more than the superficial human beings people assume us to be. yeah!

    good luck, trace. ingat! :D

  4. Good luck to your new life in Australia Trace! Go and reach that dream!! Carpe diem!!!

  5. Wow! good luck Trace! It's one of my life goals too, to study abroad. Particularly NIDA (National Institute of The Dramatic Arts) in Australia :)

  6. Awww thank you girls!!! :) Please continue supporting my sister and Liz. :) So awesome to read these messages on my 2nd night in Sydney.

    Martha - If that's soon enough... I'll see you here :D

  7. Awww good luck, Trace, and take care! :D