Monday, February 06, 2012

Shu Uemura Make-Up Palette: Eyes & Cheeks

 Hello, Beautiful Readers! :)

Just another swatch post here!

My sis bought this palette a few weeks ago.
She wanted something that she could carry around that has everything she needs.
This palette is just right for her since it also has an eyeliner (her makeup isn't complete without eyeliner!). Plus, the shades of the shadows and blush are safe for everyday use. :)

 Shu Uemura Make-Up Palette: Eyes & Cheeks

 A Brief description of the product:

 The palette

 The applicators

 A swatch of the shadows - pigmented, right? And they feel so silky too!

 Here are individual and more closed up pictures of the shadows:
Just click on the picture to zoom

 The blush swatch

Cream liners
 First swatch is when I use my finger, 2nd- applied with a brush, 3rd - smudged once, 4th - smudged several times

 Here is a shot of me when I use the palette:

 This is just one of the looks you can do with the palette. 
You can do looks from neutral to smokey! 
I really like this palette. It really does have most of the things you need! Perfect for traveling! :)



  1. the blush shade looks awesome! muted pink when applied? :)

  2. Yeah. Just looks like you're glowing. :)

  3. The blush is gorgeous! :) Lovely look.

  4. Thanks, Pammy! It is! It's my favorite thing in the palette! :)

  5. such a pretty palette, especially the shade of the blush. ^_^

  6. Wow, I love this!! Ako rin! Haha I want :( How much was this?


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  7. I'm not sure, Chrissy. My sis bought it from a seller sa GirlTalk. I think this is preloved na. :)

  8. lovely shades..simply gorgeous!! =)

  9. i love the blush! i actually like the eye shadows, too. except the black, it was super hard to blend out in class (when i took that 3 day x3hour class from Shu last Jan)

  10. Janet- agree!

    Marge - Cool! I wish I can get invited to some makeup classes too! :P

  11. i love the shade of the blush. nice combination of the eyeshadow, you can do a simple everyday look with it. :)