Thursday, February 02, 2012

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Couleurs Rose Boise 460

 Hey everyone!

This is basically a swatch post about one of my favorite eye shadow palettes I own.

 Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Couleurs Rose Boise 460

Why do I love it?
Besides having a very silky, light texture and it being pigmented, the colors look so beautiful... sort of makes me think of something cute and romantic at the same time. The palette has a neutral tone, a dark bronzy one and 2 pinks, one is lighter and more shimmery. These pinks remind me of wild pink roses. I've always adored pink roses. They are one of my favorite flowers actually!

And just like other Guerlain products, it smells good! And the packaging is very elegant!
Only downside here is, it's expensive. I'm not aware of how much it is in the market now though.

So here are the swatches so I can show you how pretty this palette is!
I put some numbers on the palette and on the swatches to make things easier for you. :)

 And here are closer looks for each color :)


 And lastly, here are shots of the product when I apply it on my eyes:

 My friends say I look "blooming" when I wear this look (I think so too. Haha!). :)

What do you think of the palette?
Do you own one as well or do you have a similar quad in a different brand?



  1. Yeah, I agree with your friends :) I also love how you applied your eyeliner here. Suits your eye shape perfectly.

  2. Pretty! Perfect pang Valentines. Hihi.

    Guerlain! Wow, mamahalin. Ikaw na!

  3. the shades remind me of the shades in the lunasol soft beige (from their 2011 fall collection) yeh i love em satin to shimmery shades LOL
    this is such a great combo of pinks and the chocolate brown is awesome ^_^

  4. Chrissy, yeahhh!!! I will definitely use this on Valentines! ♥

    Marge - Really? I haven't tried any Lunasol product eh. I googled the palette and it looks pretty!

  5. Oh my! Guerlain... a "dear God, why?" brand for me. :P They've pretty stuff but high end stuff is high end! xD Judging from what I've seen in the glossies, i think the palette may be about P4k+. O_O yeowch

  6. It probably is. We bought some more Guerlain products last month but at 75% off. Most of the products are at 4k when they are in their regular prices.

  7. 75% off??? :o *rainbows in eyes*
    About 1k for Guerlain? Not bad all! :)

  8. So true! We actually bought quite a number of Guerlain products during that sale. So you'll be seeing quite a number of Guerlain posts pretty soon!