Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Benefit Erase Paste

Ciao belle signorine,

Dawn recently got me hooked on online shopping for make-up products.
I've only made two purchases so far, and one of them is the Benefit Erase Paste. I wasn't planning on buying it but I heard Benefit and the price and I said "BUY IT!"

This would be my first high-end concealer. I've recently realized I'd only need a good concealer and powder whenever I'm on the go (which happens almost 3 times in a week), so I've been looking out to try other brands. I've used concealers from Sonia Kashuk, San San, Body Shop and Elf. 



As I would expect of any Benefit product (mostly those I've seen on the net and in Dawn's stuff) the packaging looked so pretty, it made me giggle like an infatuated teenager. :)

A few precautionary advice on the box.

What the product says and instructions. 

I forgot to bring the small pamphlet about this one so there are no shots of it... sorry. Maybe I would add that in one my next posts.

Other details of the product.

I like that there's a spatula included and another cover inside. I'm a neat freak in some stuffs so I'm glad that they had these.

Also the spatula would be a great help to ensure that you get every last bit of the product especially those on the sides of the bottle.

This is a pre-loved product by the way and it still had 90% in it. :)

One dip and you get a lot of the product already.

When applied, it goes on quite strong so you really just need a small amount every time you use it. It also feels a little sticky for my liking but it does spread quite well.

I've asked Dawn to use it on her since it's a little whiter than I am and I need powder to even it out.

Here is a before and after, no prior foundation and no primers as well.

 As you can see, it's great for under the eyes and conceals well. I find it very useful in covering up  spots on my forehead and cheeks as it gives a really good coverage. 

I haven't used it for longer than 4 - 5 hours because I have less classes to attend to these days, so I can't comment on whether it lasts longer than that. 

If I could, I'd use it as a foundation, but it's too expensive for that purpose and I'd need to be fairer than I am now.

What I like:
1. Packaging is super pretty.
2. Spatula included.
3. It conceals really well.
4. A little of it goes a long way.
5. Instructions included
6. Feels light on skin

What I don't like:
1. Feels sticky when applied.
2. Although it's locally available, the branch (@ Greenbelt 5) is quite far from the house.
3. Hard to find another cheap one. Regular price is quite expensive for me.

Will I buy again?
Of course, if I have the money for the original price.
Or we find a another deal online. :)

I still use the San San and Sonia Kashuk concealers that I have with me and reserve this baby for when I pull all nighters.

So have you tried this before? Any comments on it? Any other concealers you can recommend? 



  1. Shocks, ang ganda sana. Looks very creamy. Kaso ang mahal.

    I like that it has parabens. Kapag nasa pot kasi yung makeup, maganda na super lakas ng preservatives.

    I'm eye-ing bobby brown or mac for my first real concealer, now I'm using a full coverage cream foundation for my concealer.

  2. @rae - i never bother with the ingredients so thanks for that. :) I learned something. I used to not use any concealers din and use the small liquid foundation samples that my tita gives me as a concealer. Hope you buy one of those and do tell me how they are. :)

  3. This looks interesting; but I'm quite satisfied with my sansan concealer. It's one of the most inexpensive yet effective product I have tried :)

  4. @gellie - San San concealers are really good finds. :) I prefer them for everyday cause they don't feel sticky and heavy but it's nice to try new stuff from time to time.

  5. Great find! I personally don't have a concealer yet (for personal use). Then again I usually just don't bother with concealer >.> For my under eyes I just use the Garnier BB roll on.

    I have concealers I do use on clients though.

  6. @chriselle - I haven't seen the Garnier BB roll on is there one in Watson's? I might not have been looking hard enough.