Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review : Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Gel Eye Liner Duo

Hey, lovelies!

It's been a while since I used a gel liner.
I really do like using gel liners because it's so easy to apply and the colors are very bold, especially the black ones.
The reason I stopped buying them is because those that I have bought (Maybelline, E.L.F., Wet 'n Wild... all in black) all dried up even before I got it in half. The longest that have stayed usable for me was my Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown.
I did try reviving them but it either failed or just too much of a hassle to do over and over.
So I went back to using liquid liners.

But while I was watching the comedy series, "Community," I keep staring at the eyes of the character, Annie, and I keep thinking if the liner used on her is a gel liner. Whether it is or not, I want to get my hands on another gel liner. I missed using it.

So one day, as I was checking the Beauty Bazaar at GirlTalk, I encountered a thread that was selling this:

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Gel Eye Liner Duo
in Black Satin and Extra Olive

She was selling it cheap and I looked at MakeupAlley and saw that the rating is 3.9 out of 5 so I guess it's good enough, so I bought it. :P
In just a couple of days, I got the package in good condition (thanks, sis!) and here's my review about it:

What really made me want to purchase it is that it comes in 2 colors. It has the black one which I use almost every time I use makeup and it has another color, Extra Olive, which is a color that is still not in my makeup stash when it comes to eye liners.

I also liked the packaging. It looks classy and not bulky. Very easy to carry around.
It also has a mirror too (which also has the word "Very Sexy" on it... makes me feel good when I stare at it... HAHA!).
It holds .08oz total.

 It's available in different colors too:
Black/Olive, Slate/Silver and Brown/Pink

So here are the swatches:

on paper

on skin

when smudged a few times

And here are shots when I applied it on my lids:
(Sorry for the untidy eyebrows)
 Extra Olive

Satin Black

This product is very, very easy to apply. It is creamy and glides smoothly on the skin.

I want my black gel liners BLACK. Unfortunately, the Satin Black isn't... very disappointed when I first tried it out.

The lasting power of this liner is BAD. Just a couple of hours and it's all smeared up! Even when I have my primer on (I use UDPP)! 

Plus, when applied, there are times that it smudges on your lids when you open them before it completely dries. It takes longer to dry compared to all the gel liners I've used.


 I don't use this as a liner anymore. I use this more as an eyeshadow base. The black one is for smokey looks while the olive is for warmer-toned shadows. At least it's not a complete waste of money!

 Would I buy again?
NO! I am very much disappointed with the product. It really looked promising (maybe because I really liked the packaging?). I don't like that the black one is not the black I want and I especially dislike the fact that it doesn't stay long and that it smudges. This is probably the worst gel liner I've used.

If you still want to try the product,
Unfortunately (for you), it has been discontinued. :P

Very huge disappointment for me. I just wanted to use a gel liner again. Good thing I bought this in a cheap price.
Anyway, could you recommend a good gel liner that doesn't dry fast? Hopefully affordable? :P



  1. Sayang naman. It looks awesome pero flunk pala... Dunno a good gel liner cos I don't use one actually. I'm quite comfortable with my liquid eyeliner kasi :P

  2. Yeah. It really got my hopes up and it all crashed when I first tried it out. :( For now I will use my ever so trusty liquid liners until I find a really good one!

  3. too bad...but from the packaging it does look like a cream eyeshadow rather than a liner. ehehe

  4. Hollie, true. They discontinued this anyway, but I think (if I remember correctly) they have a cream shadow that looks like this but in different colors. Maybe they didn't change the formula much and just changed the label? hahaha! Conspiracy theories on makeup! :P

  5. thanks for the heads up that ELF gel liners dry up fast! i was just about to purchase that one. anyway, about this victoria's secret gel liner you bought... too bad it didn't meet your expectation! :O but at least you still found way to maximize it use :)

  6. The ELF was really good. The color was the black I wanted and it's creamy as well. But it dried even before I could reach the bottom of the container. :(
    Yeah... this isn't a complete let down since it could be used as an eye shadow base. :P

  7. Have you tried double lining? Where you put a black liner at the base of the lashes and put a strong colored liner above it forming 2 lines?

    That would have been awesome with black and olive, unfortunately, this duo is not good.

  8. Yes I have. Usually with Black at bottom and something liked gold or electric blue! I also do coating one on top of the other with a bold color topped with a liquid glitter liner :) Fun Fun Fun with Eye Liners! Haha!

  9. The gold color looks really pretty! It's too bad this liner wasn't a very bold black. I like my liners to be jet black too.

  10. Yeah, Rinny. I love that color too. Good thing it looks good as an eyeshadow! :)

  11. Kahit disappointed ka sis, galing pa din ng pag line mo! for me it's perfect lalo na yung tail ng line mo :)

  12. you gotta have the inglot duraline. it's a live saver for ALL dried-up gel eyeliners. definitely saves u money. tried and tested! :)