Monday, March 20, 2017

Sephora Perfecting and Smoothing Eye Primer

Hey guys!

Just sharing a short review of this product that I got from my sister.

Sephora Perfecting and Smoothing Eye Primer

I like wearing eye makeup. Unfortunately, I have oily lids, so my eyeshadows and eyeliners often smudge and crease after some hours. The good thing is that there are primers that help prolong wear and at the same time make the eyeshadows more vibrant since the pigments adhere better.

That's what this primer from Sephora promises along with moisturizing qualities. You can even use it for undereye concealer!

Check out the info on the labels on the photos below:

The product is colorless and scentless. I think this is already phased-out though because I don't see it on any of the brand's online stores. Still sharing my review just in case any of you are looking for one. ;)

It says it smoothens which I do agree.

It glides smoothly and it makes the area it's on feel silky. When it dries, it gives a matte finish as seen below.

And when I add the powder eyeshadow...
Left: No primer
Right: With primer

Pigment-wise, the color didn't change unlike some primers I've used wherein the pigments look darker than normal. The eyeshadow adhered better with the primer as well.

I've actually finished the whole sample-size tube some months back and I can say that I don't think it's moisturizing. I tried using it under my under eye concealer but my makeup still cakes (I like baking so I do put on powder on top of my concealer on that areas). This doesn't happen when I put on eye cream. I guess that's an unfair comparison since eye cream has better moisturizing ingredients. Haha! :P

Although it's good at smoothening and keeping the pigments in place, it doesn't do well with my oily lids. The makeup on top of the primer still creases before my day at the office ends. I can easily say that it's not one of my better performing primers. Oh well.

And that's my short review! I hope it was helpful!


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