Friday, March 17, 2017

TSURURI Black Head Remover Cream Ghassoul

Good evening girls,

I'd like to share with you this heating mask which Dawn gave to me from Japan.

Tsururi, as I am guessing, pore cleanser with Moroccco Ghassoul, Andes Salt Scrub, and is infused with Power Hot Stone. Well, as you can see, I can only guess what it's trying to say.

At the back is the instructions which as you can see is all in Japanese. However, because I was too lazy to search for a translated instruction guide, I asked my friend to translate for me. She's quite knowledge-able with reading Japanese, but this was a little challenging for her so she took to Google translate. The translation just got me laughing hard.

But I found this online store,, which is a virtual equivalent of Daiso/Miniso. The link leads you straight to this product's information page. But for those of you who are curious about the actual translation of the instructions, here it is below as stated in the website:

Use after cleansing and drying face. 
Without lathering, apply to nose, chin, area between eyebrows and wherever roughness may be a concern. Massage in circular motion in those areas for about 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. This is an ideal time to apply nose pore cleaning sheet for additional nose cleansing,

This product is more similar looking to a black pore mask but less sticky and more gel-like.

The texture is grainy because of the andes salt mixed in it.

As soon as you start spreading the product you can instantly feel the heating factor from the tiny bits of power hot stones mixed in. The scent is mild and almost unnoticeable.

So did it work?

I am not so sure about the the sebaceous filaments falling off as you rinse but DEFINITELY improved my pore strip "harvest". I was able to pull out so much more filaments from my nose after the heat pack and my face felt super smooth afterwards. So below is part of the facial peel off mask, I think around my cheek area. I usually just get a few and only really small ones. BUT as you can see... there are so many bigger ones after.

So that's it for my heat mask. It's been a while since I've seen any heat mask that is packaged this way. They're usually the sachet ones. I forgot the brand name of the heat mask we used to buy but I haven't seen that at Watson's for a long time. If anyone remembers it, do comment on the name and brand. Also, if any of you know of a heat mask in this size, do share with us in the comments.


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