Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Jordana: Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color

Good evening ladies,

So I recently got hold of the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color at the Beauty Backstage Event last month.

This liquid lip color initially came in 12 shades namely: 01 - Creme Brulee, 02 Strawberry Shortcake, 03 Raspberry Tart, 04 Mixed Berry Souffle, 05 Mango Sorbet, 06 Cherry Cobbler, 07 Tiramisu, 08 Sweet Marsala Wine, 09 Rose Macaron, 10 Sugared Plum, 11 Red Velvet Cake, and 12 Pomegranate Pie.

In their website, they recently release 6 new shades but I am not sure if they are available locally.

Out of the 12 shades, Tiramisu, was said to be the most sought after. So I took a tube for myself while there were still only a few guests at the event.

While I was at it, I took another one in a different shade. Since I did not have a lot of pink tones in my lip color rack, I picked this one up.

The product smell really lovely as well. Though the fragrance gets overwhelming at first, but it dies down quickly.

As you can see, this is packaged with a doe foot applicator which is really great for this product as it's easy to use that way. Though I do wipe off a little around the bottle's rim since I prefer putting it on thinly at first then slowly build it up. I don't really need to put a lot of layers since it is highly pigmented.

Rose Macaron (top); Tiramisu (bottom)

The consistency is creamy, yet still smooth. Their website describes it as "creamy-whipped". It is lightweight but not to the point that you don't feel like you have nothing on your lips. Once it's on, you know it's on.

The drying time allows for some degree of spread-ability. Once it dries, it stays put and does not transfer. I spent the whole day drinking from my coffee tumbler/cannister and I hardly found any lip color pigments/marks on it.

Rose Macaron (top); Tiramisu (bottom) - swatches on cotton pad

I also noticed that it was water-resistant but can be removed using cleansing water without much difficulty (rigorous scrubbing).

To show you just how long lasting it is, I give you below a series of photos of my lips through out the day.

6:00 am - bare lips

I put the lip color on at around 6:30 am and this picture below was taken around 8:00 am at the office  while I was facing the window.

The picture below was taken around 8:00 in the evening, still at my office. To clarify, I did not retouch this lip color and I ate a LOT this day. As you can see, only little of it "rubbed" off or "faded off". Jordana boasts that this product can last up to 16 HR wear which is exactly what happened with me.

I also like that it did not flake my lips off unlike the matte lip tints I've used before.

This costs around 250 to 300 and can be found at Watsons. Lazada also sells these but at a higher price of about 499 (last I checked).

Anyway, I give this product a high mark of 4.5 only because I prefer tube packaging than ones with doe foot applicators. I do love that this is such a long lasting yet lightweight matte lipstick. I also love that it does not transfer since it makes my tumbler washing easier.

Do checkout what other colors are available locally by visiting their store, and if you happen to be curious of the new colors, visit their website or their facebook page to learn more.


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