Thursday, March 09, 2017

Deborah Milano: Perfect & Natural Perfecting Foundation Natural Look in 03

Good evening ladies,

Today I will share with you my second favorite everyday foundation. As you might now (or if you don't), I'm not a big fan of foundations and for everyday I prefer using BB cream with Laneige's BB cushion as my HG.

However, Helen of luckycitrine, had encouraged me to "try lang ng try" other foundations because I'll never know if I like something if I never try it out. So I decided to try this perfecting foundation from Deborah Milano.

This foundations swears to be free of silicone, mineral oil, parabens and acrylates. As you can see from the label, the oils are of vegetable origin.

The product has a consistency that is very smooth and feels quite hydrating but not oily. It smells fantastic and feels very light on the skin. 

It spreads easily and is absorbed quite well. There are no yellow tones in this foundation but I find that although it looks quite white/gray it sort of blends a little to my color.

Swatch of product after blending

As you can see from the above photo, it does even out the coloring of my skin but it makes me paler than I really am. Though I think, it doesn't look as obvious as with other products.

It has light to medium coverage. If you notice in the picture above, there are still traces of my pimple marks. I prefer applying it with my fingers since I feel like beauty blenders or sponges will sip up more product into them.

Above is a picture of my bare face and below is after covering with the foundation and some bronzer.
 A little goes a long way with this product. It easy to blend and not cakey.

It does not have a dewy finish, so for someone like me with combination skin (but more on the dry side) I don't really need to powder a lot. Though I believe people with oily skin might need to set it with powder.

Here's my face after 5 hours, and although I'm starting to oil up, as you can see my foundation is sitting pretty evenly still. No clumping or creasing can be seen and the coverage is still there.

Here is me at the end of the day after 10+ hours and as you can see, some of my foundation has already faded but, still no creasing.

This product costs Php 649.00 in the country which to some might consider expensive given it's performance. To me, it's mid range since my HG costs twice than this.

I recommend this product for people that would also prefer light make-up or no make-up make-up looks. It does nothing for your pores as well. You can use it with any of your primers as it binds well with them. I've tried it with the Pore-fessional and Insta-blur and it performs quite well with them too.

It already has three of my favorite things in make-up products which is: tube packaging, SPF, and light on the skin so I'd be sure to grab another one next time.

So what do you think of this product? Would you consider exchanging your BB cream or CC cream for it?


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