Friday, August 22, 2014

Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa with Maxi-Peel

Hey dears!

Whether we like it or not, physical appearance plays a HUGE role in many relationships. Many of us might think that this is quite shallow but unfortunately, it is true. This is why many feel more insecure about themselves; some may even end up getting hurt.

That is why my heart broke when I watched this testimonial by Germain. Just imagine being left by your significant other just because of pimples? That sucks so bad, right? But don’t get me wrong, I am happy that she isn’t with that shallow-minded A-hole anymore, but the experience she went through can really make your self-esteem go down bigtime. I can understand this because I also suffer with oily and acne-prone skin and this really made me uncomfortable with my bare skin, which made me prefer using heavy coverage makeup. I’m glad though that there are products out there that deal with these kinds of problems.

You can watch Germain’s testimonial here:

I’m glad that she discovered Maxi-Peel. She broke free of the insecurities of having pimples and dark spots. She’s no Dalmatian anymore!

My sister and I are no strangers to Maxi-Peel as we’ve used this product before for exfoliating dead skin cells on our skin. Good hygiene, proper skin moisturization, sunscreen, and enough sleep are important to get your skin healthy; but exfoliation, too, can help achieve an even better and glowing skin!

You see, skin exfoliation is a natural process but as we age, the process slows down making dead skin cells stay longer, leading to breakouts and dull skin. And this is where the number 1 exfoliant in the Philippines, Maxi-Peel, comes in.

Maxi-Peel helps our skin exfoliate in three stages—remove (stinging), renew (redness), and reveal (peeling).These stages may seem a little scary at first because, well, who wants to experience any stinging sensation, redness, and peeling on their faces anyway, right? But Maxi-Peel is FDA approved and dermatologist-tested. It safely removes dirt and unclogs pores. It sheds-off our dead skin cells that causes build-up of dirt and bacteria on our skin. These build-ups aren’t thoroughly removed by the usual cleansers, unlike how Maxi-Peel can. That being said, Maxi-Peel also prevents pimple breakouts and it whitens our skin revealing a healthier, more radiant skin. So there’s no need to worry. All you have to do is wait for a more beautiful you. BagongGanda, BagongPag-asa!

So how do you use Maxi-Peel?
Use the Maxi-Peel Facial Wash to clean the face of dirt and excess oil. Apply the exfoliant solution to the problem areas that need clearing-out. Next, apply the moisturizer. This is important even if you have oily skin. Apply more generously on areas of your face that are dryer. Do this at night time for about 1-2 months depending on your skin condition and always, and I mean ALWAYS use sunblock when going out during daytime (or even night time but you don’t have to apply as much). Finally, give your skin a little rest for a month before using the products again.

So do you have those stubborn acne and dark spots? Why not try Maxi-Peel and have that Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa just like Germain! J

For more info about Maxi-Peel and their products, check out their Facebook and Twitter. J


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