Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Whitening Toner + TM Testers Goes 100% Sterilized

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I've always used toners since high school. Before I started using acne treatments, sunscreens, or even before I was convinced of using moisturizers even if I had oily skin, I have used toners before I go out of the house and before going to bed. Before I understood the ingredients of toners and what they can do, I use them just because I like the feeling of the toners completely removing the excess oil and dirt that cleansers failed to do. I just like how clean my skin felt.

Now that I've used a number of toners from different brands, I'm still a fan of this skincare product. I've tried different kinds of these toners but I think I would have to say that this is the first time I tried one that promises to brighten and smoothen skin instantly.

Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Whitening Toner

Below are the info on the packaging:

This 250ml is worth Php 848.00.

This toner has a cloudy translucent white shade and is a little bit thicker in consistency compared to the ones I've tried before. But just a little bit. It gets absorbed by the cotton easily. The scent is very mild but it smells so good!

I love the packaging. It looks very clean and classy. The pump makes dispensing very easy as well.

I think there's a difference between brightening and whitening [brightening is like those glowing, probably also kinda dewy skin (please correct me if I am wrong here) while whitening is really the lightening of skin tone], but for this case, it promises both. For now I haven't really seen much difference on my skin tone but this toner doesn't make my skin dry, in fact, I feel it adds a little moisture to my skin. Whenever I use this, my skin feels soft and smooth even without the moisturizer yet! But I still advise you to apply your moisturizer, okay? :)

I do like this toner. It's a pleasant change to the ones I use that have a bit of salicylic acid to treat my acne. Those tends to create dry patches on my skin especially on the parts where I have pimples. But since my skin is getting clearer now, I can use other skincare products from time to time and this is a good addition to my skincare regimen. This has alcohol though but I can forego that fact I guess. :P

And BTW, just like the news I shared yesterday from Etude House, Tony Moly also has the state-of-the-art UV Sterilizers to make shopping more enjoyable! Read about the press release below:
Tony Moly Goes 100% Sterilized:
Tony Moly Philippines' campaign against unsanitary makeup testers begins with UV sterilizers

Did you know that most makeup brands take almost 9 months to one year before their testers get replaced?

The thought of using a dirty lipstick tester, which countless of lips have already touched, is not only appalling, but it also imposes a high risk of skin infections or more serious health hazards.

With this, Tony Moly Philippines launches a campaign against dirty makeup testers by installing state-of-the-art UV sterilizers in each boutique all over the country.

"We prioritize our customers' skin safety and health. Tony Moly believes that customer satisfaction begins with keeping them safe upon trying our any of our products," said Ms. Leslie Chua, president of Tony Moly Philippines.

Tony Moly Fights for Clean Makeup Testers

Each Tony Moly boutique is equipped with the state-of-the-art UV sterilizers which guarantees killing all germs and organisms without damaging the color and texture of the makeup.

What happens inside the UV box is beyond magic.

Science explains that the light wavelength the bulb emits contains enough power to destroy organisms such as bacteria, parasitic protozoa, and algae cells. In the process, their DNA is altered, ultimately killing the organisms that may be harmful to human health.

The sterilization process is fast, convenient, and is free from toxic chemicals which can be harmful to the user and the environment.

"Testers undergo daily sterilization, so you can enjoy our makeup, minus all the worry," said Ms. Chua.

For more information, visit Tony Moly Philippines' official website at Like Tony Moly Philippines on Facebook, follow @tonymolyph on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and promos.

I'm so glad that they are installing these UV Sterilizers. I won't be going home with the wrong shade of foundation or BB Cream now that I can use the testers worry-free because they are now germ-free! Yay Tony Moly! Thank you for addressing the concerns of the neat-freaks like me! :D

So what are your thoughts on the Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Whitening Toner? What about the new UV Sterilizers? Doesn't it make you more confident and more excited to shop at Tony Moly too?


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