Saturday, August 09, 2014

What Can I Get Using 1K GC at Daiso Japan During Robinsons Malls' Red Hot Sale?

Hey guys!

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the Robinsons Malls' Red Hot Sale. I included on that post some of the items I bought during my shopping spree at Robinsons Galleria last week. I only posted some because the rest were bought at Daiso Japan—one of the stores in Robinsons that's participating in this awesome, whole-month event.

I bet most of you already know what Daiso is all about, but in case you don't, it's a store that sells various items like kitchen ware, food, pet care, makeup, school supplies, fashion accessories, cleaning products, picture frames, and so on. They carry products from different brands and sell them for a very affordable price. How affordable exactly? Php 88.00!

So on today's post, I will be sharing with you the products I bought from Daiso Japan using a Php 1,000-worth of gift certificate. All of the products are priced Php 88.00 unless stated otherwise since some are priced lower because of the Red Hot Sale.

First on the list are goodies for my baby doggies!

Clothes for them just because I think they'll be cute on Aqui and Bono. I was only able to take a pic of one shirt because Aqui was already wearing his. Here's a pic of 'em with the clothes on:

I was surprised that they liked the shirts. They don't even try to take them off. Haha!

Also bought them some dog shampoos! 

Now for the items on-sale:

These pouches are only Php 25.00 each!!! Twenty-five pesos!!!

Also Php 25.00 is this Aloe Milky Lotion. 

And this Aloe Body Soap, which I intend to use as a hand soap is also Php 25.00! 

This box of Adhesive Bandage that contains 52 pieces is only Php 44.00.

And so is this cute belt with a gold ribbon buckle!

And now, back to the regular priced items—Php88!

Dishwashing soap

A lunch container because I bring lunch to work. :P It even comes with a plastic spoon and fork!

Reed Diffuser because I loooove it when I'm in a room that smells good. This variant smells awesome!

Some falsies! The one one the left (yellow packaging) is my favorite set of falsies! <3 font="">

And finally, some cotton pads. You get 180 pieces for only Php 88.00! Neat!

And that, my friends, is what I got using a GC worth Php 1,000.00. You should grab the opportunity to shop at Daiso Japan while some of their items are discounted down to only Php 25, Php 44, and Php 65 (as if the Php88 is not affordable enough yet). There are hundreds more of products waiting for you so go, go, go and have fun at the Robinsons Red Hot Sale! :D

Check out the Daiso Japan branch at the Robinsons Mall nearest you and get to shop for further discounts during the Red Hot Sale which will last until August 31st!

For more info about the Robinsons' Red Hot Sale check the following:



  1. Super mura nga dyan sa daiso :)

    1. Super! I really enjoy shopping there. I always discover something cute to try. Haha!

  2. Ganyan talaga sa Daiso, 1k lang ilabas mo ang dami mo nang mabibili.... LOVE IT!!!!

  3. So many lovely things! Your dogs look so happy and those lashes are awesome, I always buy the blue packaged one you picked up!

    1. Those are my favorite false lashes too! <3

  4. Your dogs so cute!!! :D Man your haul seems super sulit, I need to get my ass to Robinson's!

    PS: Nice to have finally met you in person, yay! :D

    1. It was great seeing you last Friday too. :D Super sulit talaga sa Daiso! :D