Thursday, August 07, 2014

NOTD: Pet Paws

Hey guys!

Do you have pets?
I currently have two pet dogs that are so adorable and I just love them so much! 2 days ago, I was thinking of what nail polish I should wear while I was bored in the office. Suddenly, my officemate and I talked about my pets, Aqui and Bono. I love talking about them because they're like my very own babies and I always end up smiling whenever I thought of them.

So then I just thought of doing a nail art that is inspired from having/loving pets! I want to do a simple one because I did this on a weekend night (sleeping is very precious to me so I have to do my nails quickly to get more sleeping time). And I ended up with this NOTD:

Paw prints on black polish! I 

I used these polishes for this NOTD.

This is one of the easiest nail arts I've done since I only have to do dots.

I used white and yellow in contrast to the black polish. The paw prints really stood out!

I used two colors to represent my two loveable baby doggies. And here are some pictures of them:



Aren't they so cute??? :3

And so I shall end this post now so I can go and play with my babies! Ta-ta!



  1. Bono looks like a puppy forever (our shih tzu has the same look!) but Aqui just makes the cutest gestures :3 Love the paw prints. Mukhang effort pero baka nga madali lang (sana!)

    1. Madali lang. Aqui knows how to pose for the camera. Haha! Maarte lang like me. :P

  2. aw ang cute!! and i love their names.
    i have a small yorkie so i can relate to your gigil with them :)

    1. Thanks, Shayne! I love them so much!! I bet your yorkie is tons of cuteness too! :D