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Shop-Til-You-Drop at Robinsons Malls Red Hot Sale

Hey everyone!

Good news from Robinsons Malls! For the whole month of August, there will be a Red Hot Sale where you can enjoy HUGE discounts from many participating stores in all Robinsons branches nationwide.

Last Saturday, I experienced this shopping discount madness first hand as I roamed around Robinsons Galleria visiting and shopping at different stores, enjoying discounts up to 70% off on selected items.

I browsed a number of stores and found some really amazing deals!

First place I went to, Alberto!

Whenever I pass by an Alberto store, I can't help but stare at their pretty shoes and bags collections. 

Dozens and dozens of shoes are on sale and they go as low as Php 500.00.

They even have a promo wherein you buy a regular priced product and get another one at 50% off!

I saw some really good deals as well. Check out these really cute items:

From Php 4,375.00 to only Php 1,500.00! That's like 65% off!

From P3,975.00 down to Php 1,987.50.

From Php 3,375 to only Php 1,500.00.

Yeah, I'm into golds lately. Haha! All of the items I've mentioned were on sale for more than 50% off! 

But that's not all, they're bags are also discounted! They're all at around 20% off!

I did get my eye on this particular bag but it's not on sale since it's actually a new arrival:

I think my mom would absolutely love that bag. 

Anyway, there are dozens more to see so check out an Alberto stores in a Robinsons Mall near you. :D

My next stop is Gozum Sample Room.

I really like this store because they have cute items at very affordable prices.

How affordable exactly??? Check out these Php 199.00 items!

Some of the items on sale are not really for the current rainy weather but the country is usually warm so anyone can rock these pieces sooner even before summer arrives.

For only Php 199.00, who wouldn't like this really cute doggie printed shirt? I learned that this is the designer's (Genevieve Gozum) dog. Isn't he cute?

But since I can't really shop for clothes here because I wear extra large clothes, I went straight to the accessories store. 

I always end up buying something here whenever I visit. Haha!

They have this table filled with very low-priced accessories from earrings to necklaces!

And check out those price tags! Php 25.00??? That's a steal!!

And those shoes with 30% off and belts that are only Php 75.00! Awesome, just awesome. 
I bet you can create a whole outfit here with a total of only Php 500.00 and still look fab!

I bought some accessories but I placed all the stuff I got at the end of the post. :)

Next store I visited was Time Depot.

I love watches. It's an accessory that's a must for me. I constantly look at the time so I rarely forget to wear one. Time is precious as they say!

That's why I have to check if Time Depot has a Red Hot Sale going on as well... and apparently, they do! All their watches are at least 20% off! ALL of them!

And there are some available for the kids too!

And if you're in a tight budget, check out the watches on the pic below. These are less than 1k only!

And on to the beauty bits. I visited Dermcare that offers skin, hair and spa services.

It's my first time to visit one of their branches actually. They currently have some great discounts on selected services.

I got to talk to Jazz from their marketing department who toured us (I'm with fellow blogger Ruth by the way. Hi Ruth!) around the spa and gave us an introduction about Dermcare and their services.

During the Robinsons' Red Hot Sale, Dermcare has these amazing offers:

Diamond Power Peel for only Php 500
Body Scrub for Php 450
Eyelash Extension for Php 500
and a hair rebonding session for only Php 1,500 at ANY LENGTH!

I'm already thinking of going back and availing some of those services!

And btw, their Robinsons Galleria branch is super cute! Check out the interiors on the pictures below:

The hair salon are is super fab!

And here's my favorite place, the couple's room! 

It looks cozy and it's pink! It has massage beds, a sauna room, a tub to wash off the products like when you avail the body scrub...

Loving the bath tub with rose petals! Rawr!

I'll get into more details on Dermcare and their services on a different post. Hope you stay tune for that! :D

And of course, I have to visit my FAVORITE clothing store, Dorothy Perkins!

I just love their stuff. They are feminine and sophisticated. I would probably wear every single design they have. I love them all! And what's great about the brand is that they carry my size! Yayyyy!

And they have a rack of clothes that are discounted as well. I bought 2 dresses actually. You can see them at the bottom of this post! :D

And since I bought some dresses, I have to buy some shoes that can go with them! Time to hit my current favorite shoe store, Payless.

At Payless, you'll never know what to expect. You just have to keep coming back to see the latest shoes and which ones are on sale.

Last Saturday, they have a 50% off on the second item promo which ended last Sunday. 

But don't worry. Most of their shoes are on sale now until the 30th on all Robinsons branches. See those yellow tags there? Yep! Those are the ones to watch-out for!

And finally, for my last stop, it's at Beyond the Box.

 I only have my helpful laptop and my handy phone as gadgets. But for the sake of the techy-savvy people out there, I visited the store to see what's in-store for you.

I actually got fond of some items... because they're cute. LOL

Anyway, they have these offer:

Crumpler bags and iPhone 5, 5s, 5c cases are on sale at 20% off!

Aaaaannndddd those were the places I went to at shopped at.
I got to take home this much stuff! My shopping bag's handles almost tore off because they were getting heavier. Haha!

Here's are the stuff I bought:

From Gozum Sample Room:
Some flower crowns. I'm planning to use them on a makeover.


I bought a San San HD Concealer 
This isn't on sale but HBC also participated with the Red Hot Sale and has their Hair Coloring products on sale!

Bought some Zen Zest fragrance at buy one take one for only Php 180.00. They also offer the buy-one-take-one promo on other fragrances for as low as Php 120.00.

Here are the shoes I got from Payless:
Got this for Php 999.00 (regular price)

And got this shoes for only Php 375.00! Original price was Php 1,250 and it was marked down for only Php 750. It got further discounted because of the 50% promo on the second item. :D

And finally, here are my dresses from Dorothy Perkins:

The floral one is around P 1.2k and the blue one was only Php 799.00! I'm so in-love with them!!

You can enjoy these discounts as much as I did during the whole of August (until the 31st) so do visit any of the following Robinsons Mall:

Robinsons Galleria
Robinsons Place Manila
Robinsons Magnolia
Forum Robinsons
Robinsons Metro East
Robinsons Place Malolos
Robinsons Starmills
Robinsons Angeles
Robinsons Place Pangasinan
Robinsons Place Santiago
Robinsons Ilocos
Robinsons Cainta
Robinsons Place Imus
Robinsons Place Dasmarinas
Robinsons Place Lipa
Robinsons Town Mall Los Banos
Robinsons Place Palawan
Robinsons Fuente
Robinsons Place Bacolod
Robinsons Place Dumaguete
Robinsons Place Iloilo
Robinsons Place Roxas
Robinsons Place Gensan
Robinsons Place Butuan
Robinsons Supermarket Pulilan
Robinsons Supermarket Cabanatuan

And apart from the huge discounts, you can enjoy this event further if you win a Php 1,000 worth of Robinsons Gift Certificate! Check the instructions below and join!

For more info about Robinsons Malls and their Red Hot Sale, check out their:

So visit now and get to take home some great finds at the Robinsons Malls Red Hot Sale!!!

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