Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Embrace

Hey dears!

It's been a stressful week for me mostly because of the requirements I had to finish for my class in graduate school. I've finally done everything and I can get my much needed rest. So I'll just share a quick swatch post for the night then head to my beloved bed and pillows. :P

I'll be sharing a swatch and my quick thoughts on...

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Embrace

But first, let's check some info on the packaging of this product:

Some more info from the website:

Pure high intensity mineral pigments that can be 
used as eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, lip colors,
bronzers, and body shimmers. Our colors come in 
matte, shimmer, and frost finish.

This is worth only Php 150.00. You can get a discount if you click the banner on my right side bar. ;)

I bought the shade Embrace because it looks like a really good neutral shade. It has the earthy tone that is a very safe and simple color but it also has those fine glitters that give the extra glam finish!

See the sparkles? Aren't they just pretty?

Swatch on my hand

As you can see, the product has impressive pigmentation. I love how the glitters blend with the gold color. 

Some pictures of the eyeshadow when applied on my eyelids. 

It's my to-go-to eyeshadow when I don't have time to do my usual multi-colored eye makeup looks. I can wear this alone and it would still look great. But usually, I still add a darker brown shade to add the illusion of depth on my lids.

So what do you think of this shade from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics? Have you tried their other mineral eye shadows? Which is your favorite?


Disclaimer: If you click the Ellana links on this post (or the Ellana banner at the side bar), you get a discount when you buy online and I get a small amount of money in return because I joined their affiliate program. But even though I benefit from this, rest assured that all I stated in my posts are honest reviews. :)


  1. if I'm gonna do a look based on greed I think this is the best eyeshadow yet to use!


  2. Lovely gold shade! It really does work for a one-shadow look!

  3. Gandaaaa... It works as a one-color shadow because the shimmer is just sooo pretty!

  4. I love this shade, it natural but not too light! Love the sheen! This cosmetic line has been showing awesome products!

    1. You should try Ellana soon, Sharlynn! I think you'll like their products too. :D