Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review : Nature Republic Collagen HD Foundation

Hey guys!

Sharing a quick review of this foundation that I accidentally bought from Nature Republic. LOL

Why accidentally? I thought that it was one of the products on sale and I already bought it when I realized upon checking the receipt that it wasn't. I asked the SA's about it and it really wasn't on sale but I just didn't bother doing anything about it. I just thought that it can still be of some use for me and that it's sort of nice to finally try and use an HD foundation from a Korean brand.

Nature Republic Collagen HD Foundation 

I got this for Php 645.00 at SM North last year. I only opened it around 6 months ago though.

The shade is 23. It has SPF 25 and PA++.

Some info on the box:

I got interested in buying this because the shade of it is very warm and a bit darker than other Korean foundation shades (besides the thought that it was on sale). I think it would suit my skin tone well. 

It comes with a pump so dispensing is easy. The packaging is very classy with the translucent plastic bottle.

The scent is pretty good too. It's like a very mild floral scent.
Swatch on arm

Consistency is quite thick but easy to spread. It doesn't feel heavy on skin and it's non-sticky. You actually don't feel like you're wearing liquid foundation! It's so light!

when spread-out

when blended

It's not really that yellowish... I guess it's because of the lighting. But check out the swatches on my face. That color is more accurate.

 Bare cheeks

With the product

With translucent powder and blush

The product has medium coverage that is very buildable. The shade suits my warm skin tone. I'm not aware of how many shades this foundation has but I guess it's safe to say that most are in the warm shades because it comes from an Asian brand. I'm not sure as well if they carry darker shades since those often lack in Korean brands.

The finish is semi-matte. It doesn't have that very dewy finish, nor does it have any shimmer. But it still gives a matte with a little moist finish to make it look more natural.

This seems like a really good foundation when I tried it the first time. Actually, it is... for people with non-oily skin. I realized that after 6-8 hours, it starts to cake on my skin, unfortunately. But when I use this on friends with normal skin type, stays beautifully for the whole day on them. I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin too since it makes the dry patches very visible. :|

What I LIKE:

- Shade suits my skin tone
- Scent is good
- Feels light on skin
- Locally available
- Good coverage
- Semi-matte finish
- Packaging
- Buildable coverage
- Has SPF25 and PA++
- Sort of affordable


- Cakes when you get very oily
- Makes dry patches very visible

Would I repurchase?
I won't. One thing I hate is caking which often happens to me with liquid foundations. I still use them because I need the coverage. But if you have normal to maybe combination skin, then I think this would work great on you. :)

So what are your thoughts on the Nature Republic Collagen HD Foundation? Have you tried other HD Foundations? Which is your favorite?



  1. I wish you gave a full face shot! I'd love to see a super crisp photo and how the HD translates.

    1. I uploaded some full face shots na!! :D :D :D I don't think it's super crisp though. :P