Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smashbox Mini Haul

Hi dears!

Bought a few items from Smashbox today at Beauty Bar, Shangri La! :)

I actually went there to buy my sister, Tracy's birthday gift. I promised her a particular product that I will reveal to you all when she finally opens it. As of now, she only knows the brand where I'll buy it from.

But as I was browsing around the store, I was told by the SA that they have a lot of Smashbox products on sale! And as I was looking at the discounted items, I just had to buy some because the deals are just soooo awesome!

Smashbox Girls on Film Eye Shadow Palette
Regular price : Php 2,150.00
Discounted price : Php 1,182.50

I know I have a lot of eyeshadows but I just love the colors in this palette!
Here are the swatches:
on my arm

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Honey
Regular price : Php 1,050.00
Discounted price : Php 787.50

And finally, my gift to my sis.
If you know what this is, then please do not give it away in the comments. Haha! 
Hopefully my sis likes it! :P

And I got this for free after purchasing products worth 3k.
They have cases available for iPhone 4s and 5. :)

Also bought some stuff from National Bookstore. Haha! I just can't finish a day in a mall without dropping by a bookstore. :P I didn't buy any books. I barely got some art materials (just 3 sharpees). All are tech related stuff. I don't know why I got them... Impulse buying I guess. Haha!

Apologies for the low quality photos. I'll make individual posts on the products with better pics soon! :)



  1. That's an awesome looking palette. Are they matte shades? It looks pretty pigmented too!

  2. aww such a sweet sister you are! i'm excited to know what you got her :D

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup

  3. becomingsleek - Not really. Only 1 is matte. 2 of them is shimmery while the rest are semi-matte with little glitters.

    Hazel - since my sis' bday is over, I'll just tell you right here: It's the Smashbox Primer (Light).