Monday, July 29, 2013

Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Hello Marshmallow!

Hey loves!

I received this nail polish from Essence Philippines when I won one of their Facebook Contests. I really like the color because it's cute and feminine.

The polish is called
Essence Colour and Go in Hello Marshmallow!

It's like a light periwinkle color. It's pastel which really resembles a purple marshmallow!

 It may not seem so in the pictures but it has some very fine blue glitters. It looks amazing when you see it upclose.

That's the polish on top of my Squall mouse pad. :P

I like the consistency and the fast drying speed of the polish. I just don't like the brush... it's too big that it makes the application process messy.

And some info of the polish at the back

And the name of the shade

Using a black sharpee, I added some dots on some of my nails. I didn't have my silver one when I did my nails. I was planning to add more designs. But I guess this seems okay already. :P

So what do you think of the shade, Hello Marshmallow?


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