Monday, July 22, 2013

Review : Mir & Ryvi Tomato Soap Acne-Cleansing Bar

Hey dears!

I've made a review on one of Mir & Ryvi's soaps, their papaya soap, and I've stated that I liked the product a lot. I thought that that was my favorite from the brand but after I used this one, I've concluded that their Tomato Soap is.

Mir & Ryvi Tomato Soap Acne-Cleansing Bar
I got this from Salad box. But a full-size bar is Php 250.00.

Here are pictures of what's labeled on the packaging:

More info from Beauty Bar:

If you are allergic to common acne cleansing bar that has benzoyl peroxide, Erythromycin or Salycid Acid , this is the best natural alternative for you.

The soap is a combination of tomato extract from organic farm in Laguna and acne-fighting extracts (Copaifera officinalis oil, Carapa guaianensis nut oil and Euterpe oleracea) from Rainforest of Amazon. Individual & Peer Test Evaluation revealed that 90% of the users experienced improvements in their acne-prone parts. Based on the anecdotal claims of the soap users, their face becomes more matte and pinkish too.

Here's a picture of the product:

This soap has a very faint smell. It foams well too and the foam feels soft on skin. When I rinse it off, it doesn't make my skin feel dry. It effectively gets rid of excess oil and dirt as well. 

Acne has been a huge issue to me and a major concern is the bacne! This soap helps a lot on this. It makes my pimples dry faster and prevents new ones from appearing. I've used up the soap now and I'll probably buy a new bar so that my mission to clear my back from acne will finally be complete! Though this isn't the only product I use for my back. I also use my Snoe Shoo-Zit Spray Me From Behind.

Have you tried the soaps from Mir & Ryvi?
Which one is your favorite? :)



  1. The soap looks like the one from Beauty & Bright. It thinks it's because they are both organic. I've suffered from acne before and thank God they are all gone though having a few sometimes won't hurt that bad. It's nice to know this soap worked for you. I've been hearing a lot of good feedback from this brand. Will give it a try soon. :)

  2. Genzel - Do let me know what you think when you get one! :D